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Full Version: reading UK tournament MFB... anybody
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Hey I know there are some guys in Bracknell and Yately and places near me so I'm wondering if we can do a tournament in Reading somewhere?

I know a place there, It is a garden, quite big... Forbury Gardens... thats what it's called.

Confirmed People:

Unconfirmed People:
:\Tongue_out_winkTongue_out_winkTiredcool i might particapate depending on place
pm me if you want to come or write on the thread... Preferrably write on the thrread as I'll be able to contact you in public.
Oh yeah, if we get 8 people to join then I'll ask Blitz to host this tournament

Seriously guys, this is like a dead thread, I really need people to at least be unconfirmed, come on GUYS! I want 8 people on this thread even if its just unconfirmed.
Sorry to post it here, but jacolal, you put me on your ignore list and I can´t pm you my answerJoyful_2 I assume that is was an accident, since we´re just in a deal Wink
sorry, I will fix it immediately; you shouldn't have posted this here though cause it's off topic.
If the Reading tournament is still going ahead, let me know.
I know it has been a lond old time but any chances that anyone from this thread is still around?! The most local blader I know is about am hour away and we’re trying to find other locals! (: