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Full Version: Anti Attack Draft
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I made some changes to the draft tell me what you think Smile (I'm getting the galaxy pegasis dx set today tommorow or next week depending if my mom could spare $4) sorry for duoble posting.
Basalt is outclassed and not top tier, also there are places in the combos section where you needed to capotolize.
Could you specifie where your talking about?
Basalt has sadly shown bad results as an anti-attack beyblade, outclassed by Diablo Kerbecs and Girago*2.
IIRC Basalt was mostly a counter to flash against Wyvang Wyvang GB145r2f it and Diablo fail miserabally wich I stated in the article Smile and as Ga'Hooleone said it still get's 70-80% against flash
I'll do tests today for proof.
ok so how far do you think this is from being ready for beywiki, and what changes need to be made?
Wyvang*2 doesn't have use in Anti Attack?
Em... it seems like your concluding paragraph goes a little off-topic. :\ This article isn't about Flash; and on the subject of anti-attack falling into disuse, I believe Diablo BD145/R145 is still played quite a bit in Canada (someone correct me if I'm wrong there XD).

You also might want someone to critique your grammar a little bit at some point... lots of places where commas might make it a bit easier to read. Smile
I changed the conclusion section and can someonoe critque my grammer? and theblackdragon are there anymore changes that need to be made?
I made a bunch of grammatical corrections and changed a few more things so do you think the draft it ready for beywiki? sorry for double posting.
Still nowhere near well-written enough, and doesn't cover the offensive uses of the type which is a major part of why they are used/popular/powerful (though you'd also need to go into why this is only really a hallmark of the more useful Anti Attackers rather than a requirement of the type, seeing as Earth AA was a great defensive setup back before the maximum series but is very limited in terms of what it can KO).

Also needs to cover why the type is called this rather than the previously popular, largely inappropriate name, 'anti-meta'.

And yeah, not to be rude but I'm not sure you really have the understanding necessary to write this, to be honest...

: LRF might be tier 2, but not really because its LRF, more because of the same reasons as R2F, it has more traction but less friction, which is usually good for attack (depending on recoil suffered in the specific matchup), but not so great for more defensive purposes. Could vary depending on the weight advantage the AA combo has over opposing aggro combos (eg when Diablo first came out it might've been okay, though as I recall Diablo had a hard enough time with flash that this mightn't have been the case).
@th!nk: Didn't R2F fair well against conventional attackers paired with Diablo Unicorno II/Kerbes BD145? :\ I prefer RF over R2F/LRF for anti-attackers in any case, but I don't believe R2F is entirely outclassed. It does give you a clear mobility advantage over RF against certain customs, and the visible recoil you suffer can be dramatically reduced.

The only problem, IMO, is using R2F on Metal Wheels with too little stamina, where endurance is essential to pull off an OS (given the fact that the "grinding/stopping force" of Diablo/Girago is absent), and R2F's extreme traction, while it may reduce recoil, hinders the combo's overall ability to out-spin just enough to the point where it is barred from consistently out-spinning popular attackers, whereas RF would push it to the point where it can OS relatively more effectively.

I don't think R2F is (or is even considered, for that matter) in any way inferior to RF for this sort of custom... of course people have their preferences, but R2F can have positive effects along with the negative utilized in these combos, IMO.

I would assume, now that I actually think about it, that LRF would provide a sort of balance between RF and R2F for those who would like a middle-ground behavior. Has LRF ever been formally tested for anti-attack? That would be cool to try out... Smile

On the subject of the article itself, it does need quite a bit of work, but I do think we should at least give him a chance to change a few things first and see how it goes.

: This is certainly much better than your last attempt, and not bad at all for someone who's just begun this sort of thing, IMO, but it still needs a bit of work. :\ It should look a bit more like this:

Quote:Definition of anti-attack: An anti-attack type is a beyblade usually composed of a low recoil wheel placed on an aggressive track-bottom setup with a low center of gravity, and overall wide weight distribution used as an alternative to conventional defense for consistently OS/KOing top-tier attack types (and, in some cases, providing relatively high levels of smash attack to utilize against varying types of opponents, a valuable competitive quality void from most traditional defense types).

Purpose of an anti-attack beyblade: An anti-attack combination aims to meet and withstand its opponent's attacks by utilizing an aggressive movement pattern, as opposed to the traditional defense type's stationary stance, and, in some cases, to provide relatively high levels of smash attack to utilize against varying types of opponents (another variation from most conventional defenders).

Advantage of an anti-attack type over an opposing attack type in a match:

The advantage anti-attack types have over attack types, is that they can trade smash for lower recoil/ higher stamina without becoming ineffective (due to the fact that smash is usually irrelevant in the case of wining against an attacker), as an attack type would (hence the use of tracks like BD145).

For instance, Basalt Kerbecs BD145RF (anti-attack type) has pretty much no use against stamina types, as attack types are built to have, even though its movement pattern is pretty aggressive and fast. This way, it eliminates the opposing attack type's advantage of speed, while still maintaining very low recoil and (if it's built right) higher stamina than its opponent.

The aim of an anti-attack type is not primarily to KO the opposing attack type (although that is an advantage they can have over traditional defensive customs), it's just a different style of withstanding attacks from the opposing beyblade.

Composition of an anti-attack beyblade:

Anti-attackers usually aim for a heavier weight than their opponent, so an MF-H/L, or MSF-H/L will usually boost its performance.

The Chrome wheel/Metal-Clear Wheel combination of an anti attack-type must, first an foremost, have significantly less recoil than than the primary attack wheels used in its metagame. An anti-attack wheel should also preferably have properties that allow it to easily OS traditional attack wheels. Girago and Diablo, having the ability to drain the spin of their opponents on contact, are an excellent example of this. Other wheels, such as Basalt, rely simply on stamina and low rotational recoil to OS the opposing attacker.

The track is usually a prominent component in giving the anti-attacker an advantage in a head-on collision with an attack type, such as BD145 with its wide weight distribution/overall weight/lower center of gravity, which significantly reduces the combo's recoil

The bottom of an anti-attack beyblade must provide the combo with 1) an aggressive movement pattern 2) relatively high speed (although not necessarily as high as the opposing attacker), and 3) High traction and friction (or grip with the stadium floor).

Overall components of a good anti-attack beyblade:

1) Relatively heavy overall weight (although extremely low recoil can substitute for this in most cases)
2) Wide, even weight distribution
3) Aggressive movement pattern
4) High traction/friction (grip on the stadium floor)
5) Overall low recoil
6) The ability to consistently OS current top-tier attack types

A combination that excels in these categories will perform very effectively as an anti-attack beyblade.

Some examples of effective anti-attack beyblades:

MF-H Basalt Horogium/Kerbecs TR145/R145RF/R2F
MF-H Diablo Kerbecs/Unicorno II BD145RF/R2F
MSF-L Girago Girago BD145RF/R2F
That's the combo I'm referring to on which R2F worked back when it was basically the heaviest thing out, but even then I found RF took hits much, much better (it was also why I used RF on flash rather than R2F back then, because it worked in reverse as well and a lot of random diablo combos could KO R2F flash a lot more than RF flash). Perhaps the metagame has changed enough to somehow make R2F more worthwhile but at the same time in that case I'd want to see a good amount of testing before LRF was declared less worthwhile.

Another requirement for this article I didn't mention is a lot of comparison to defense, seeing as Defense basically exists to beat attack too, so people would get confused if it isn't thoroughly explained.
Can you put formal test results in a Beywiki article? :\ If so I can go find a bunch of anti-attack x defense comparisons...

I like RF on anti-attack a lot... it's slower, sure, but it's got tons of friction and I don't really see a visible reduction in recoil with the switch; it also gives you a slight stamina advantage over most attack types, but with a Wheel like Girago, with plenty of smash and low rotational recoil ("grinding" ability), I could see R2F as a very competitive choice. I guess it all comes down to preference.

Someone with an LRF should try it... I'm all tested out for the week. Pinching_eyes_2
You can indeed. A lot of the older articles for MFB have some (Libra being one example).

EDIT: Libra doesn't actually have tests, though it does have detailed descriptions of what the Beyblade does to the other, and that is acceptable for this draft IMO.
You can but I really doubt you'd need to do that here.
ok I`ll make some changes tonight cause I won`t have acsess to an computer until then (I`m on my WII) and I can do those LRF tests when my galaxy pegasis dx set gets here in 1-2 weeks Smile
I made the ADVANTAGE OF ANTI-ATTACK AGAINST ATTACK TYPES section and edited a few more things Smile tell me what you think about the current changes Smile sorry for duoble posting. Unhappy
I'm really sorry for triple posting but if I edited my last post no one would see it Unhappy so anyway @th!nk I made that section about anti-attack being confused with anti meta and I made some moore changes to the first section and made some more spelling corrections Smile
Whoa... what? :\

1. Not to be rude at all, but this article mentions Flash/Diablo and their history a bit too much... this is supposed to be about anti-attack, not the history of the mid-2012 Attack/Defense meta. Tongue_out

2. Diablo anti-attack oriented beyblades are still used quite a bit in Canada, if I'm not mistaken (and again, someone please correct me on this if I'm wrong)... there hasn't been a tournament in the UK for a while, (since June, IIRC), and most of the US has been doing Zero-G for the last few months, so right now the only real concentration of competitive standard-format play is the Toronto area. Attack and anti-attack type beyblades are used up there all the time. Smile

3. Only useful against Flash? Confused Um... that's not true at all from my experience (and formal testing/tournament results). Diablo can hit 60% against Wyvang, which really is astounding for anything that's not on E230, and Girago can hit as high as 85%.
ok I edited some more I also out the big unneeded chunks of sentences and edited it some more what do you think?
A bit better... Smile

Also, heavy weight, a low center of gravity and wide weight distribution doesn't make the combo faster. Anti-attack beyblades are usually quite a bit slower than attack types. Anti-attack also doesn't exactly use a defensive wheel. Just one with relatively low recoil. Wink

There's a few other things, but I don't have time to list them right now. XD
oke-dokey I fixed those 2 things Smile and when you have time to list the others I'll make sure to work on them Smile
@th!nk I thuogrally rad your posts and added I side note about comparing anti-attack to defence in the opening paragraph let me know if it needs it's own section Smile
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