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Full Version: Zero-g combo: Msf Reviser Killerken sa165 (stamina mode) cs
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Just a combo i stumbled upon while messing around... i was pleasantly surprised by how well it did!

all testings were done in a bb-10 attack type stadium, with a takara tommy official L/R string launcher. here are the tests!

Msf Killerken Reviser sa156 cs vs msf balro wyvang s130 r2f

20 rounds, 1 tie

Killerken reviser: 13 (12 os's 1 ko's)
balro wyvang: 7 (all ko's)
pretty good...

Killerken Reviser vs msf balro wyvang ch120 r2f

20 rounds, no ties.

Killerken reviser: 15 (all os's)
ch120: 5 (all ko's)
even better though im not surprised s130 did better against this combo.

killerken reviser vs balro wyvang ch145 r2f

20 rounds no ties

killerken reviser: 16 (all os's)
ch145: 4 (all ko's)
i never liked ch145...

Killerken reviser vs meteo l-drago ed145 wd (someone please test dragoon as i dont have one)

20 rounds, 2 ties

Killerken: 11 (all ko's)
ldrago: 9 (all os's)
really surprised it did that well. i thought ldrago would be a good counter. my cs isnt even that aggressive...

Killerken Reiser vs Basalt aquario 230 cs

20 rounds, no ties.

Killerken reviser: 18 (6 ko's, 12 os's.
Basalt aquario: 2 (all os's)
im surprised by all the ko's it got... but not that it won

all in all, its a beast. i recomend trying this combo, and tell me how it does against different beys. i will only put in battles that were official 20 round tests, and tin the bb-10 or zero g attack type stadium. also, someone please do a test against dragoon... just any good dragoon spin equalizer. if no one does, ill do it myself when mine comes. Thanks!
If it was in BB-10 why did you put this combo in Zero G combinations? And if this is having trouble with Meteo L Drago, Dragooon will beat this very bad. Dragooon is still pretty popular. Also could someone do a test with Genbull^2 TH170/SR200 TB/CS? I wonder how this combo would fare against that.