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Full Version: Archer Gargole SA165 WSF Draft
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First of all, I'd like to thank *Ginga* for his help. He had some good pointers and corrections when I was working on it.

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| image = ArcherGargole1.jpg
| full item name = Archer Gargole SA165WSF
| item number = BBG-17
| beyblade system = [[Beyblade Zero-G]]
| beyblade type = [[Attack]]
| element =


==Stone Face: Gargole==
*'''Weight:''' grams
This Stone Face's sticker represents a [ gargoyle] which, in French culture, is a batlike creature of legends.

==Chrome Wheel: Gargole==
{| class="wikitable"
|<font size="1"><b>Weight:</b></font>
|<font size="1">29.5 grams</font>
|<font size="1"><b>Full Width:</b></font>
|<font size="1">47.74 mm</font>
|<font size="1"><b>Height:</b></font>
|<font size="1">6.72 mm</font>

Gargole is a Chrome Wheel with a design that spreads from the middle almost like a net: spikes indeed leave from the center while shapes like claws, at the bottom, and a monstrous head where the orb from the Crystal Wheel is inserted, at the top, form an overall part with four sections. The details in this Chrome Wheel however mean that it is filled with holes, making the monster head and claws situated at opposite ends of the Chrome Wheel be the denser parts. The bigger, spiky sections meant to remind more of wings, though, cover a larger portion of Gargole and their sides are mostly even, without interruptions like those caused by the horns on the monster's head.
==When used as the top Chrome Wheel in a Synchrom==
Gargole is fairly light compared to other Chrome Wheels. However, it does have low recoil. Unfortunately, the low weight means it will only work well on heavier Chrome Wheels for defense. However, Revizer is a perfect choice for this.

===Use in Defense Customization===
For the reasons stated above, Gargole has use in the Defense custom, MSF-H Revizer Gargole BD145 CS/RB/RDF/RS.

==When used as the bottom Chrome Wheel in a Synchrom==
On the bottom of a Synchrom, Gargole has minor force smash, but much less than other Chrome Wheels such as Gryph. It does have low recoil, just like on the top of a Synchrom, however. It also has the same drawback as on the top, however- it needs a heavier Chrome Wheel on top of it. Once again, Revizer is perfect for this.

===Use in Defense Customization===
Due to the above, Gargole can be used in the Defense combo, MSF-H Gargole Revizer E230 CS/RB/RDF/RS.

==When used in Synchrom with itself==
The Gargole Gargole Synchrom has minor force smash, but less than many other Chrome Wheels. In defense customizations, it has been shown to be much too light, despite it’s low recoil. As such, there is no use for Gargole in Synchrom with itself.

==Crystal Wheel: Archer==
*'''Weight:''' 5.16 grams
Archer has large curves from a bow protruding around one half of its circumference, with some fancy string details engraved in the rest of the design, notably where the crystal is located. Like all Crystal Wheels, it is too light to be effective against almost all Synchrom and 4D customs.

==Track: Switch Attack 165==
*'''Weight:''' 6.18 grams
Reminescent of Armor 145, SA165 also has a wide, parabolic shape around its core which is completely hollow except for the rigid sides forming the parabole. This latter piece can be removed, flipped, and inserted back on the core of the Track to build another mode which is more likely to touch the stadium floor, especially in Zero-G Stadiums. The parabolic part is not perfectly smooth however, as it has linear ridges going towards the core, and its outermost circumference is full of small spikes like on [[Thief Phoenic E230GCF|E230]] and [[Thief Phoenic E230GCF|GCF]]. Its diameter is considerable though.

In the BB-10, SA165 has poor stamina in the same spin direction of taller opponents, but it performs excellently for spin stealing, due to it’s round, wide shape that allows for optimum Life After Death.

SA165 has also found use in attack customs. It’s heavy weight, combined with it’s height, allow it to perform excellently for attack.

===Use in Spin Stealing customization===
An excellent combo for the BB-10 with EWD is MSF-H Revizer Dragooon SA165 EWD. The mass of the Synchrom means it can transfer the spin stolen more effectively than previous spin stealers using Metal Wheels such as Meteo, and the LAD of SA165 combined with EWD's ability to wobble on it's axis for a long time at the end of a battle make this a very powerful custom.

===Use in Balance customization===
Another excellent combo with SA165 is Revizer Dragooon SA165 RDF. This combo has more defense than the previous combo, and SA165’s LAD, along with RDF’s ability to wobble on the outer disk at the end of a battle make this a very good Balance type that should not be dismissed.
Note: For more defensive ability with this custom, a newer RDF should be used. For more survival, a more worn RDF should be used.

===Use in Attack customization===
One of the best SA165-based Attack types is Wyvang Dragooon SA165 R2F. SA165(Zero-G Attack Mode) allows Wyvang to fully access it’s contact points as well as force smash lower opponents, and the taller height of SA165 means the combo can easily destabilize higher opponents out of the stadium.

===Use in Attack Customization===
Another great Attack type with SA165 is MSF-H Bahamdia Ifraid SA165 R2F. SA165(Normal Mode) provides much needed weight for Bahamdia, as well as an excellent height and Life After Death that can come in handy.

In the Zero-G stadium, SA165 does great as well. It’s Zero-G Attack Mode helps to sway, and it’s Life After Death has been shown to be very useful at countering Spin Stealers, which are dominant in the Zero-G stadium.

===Use in Sway Attack customization===
A top tier Sway Attacker with SA165 is MSF-H Wyvang Wyvang SA165 GCF. The weight of the Metal Stone Face and Wyvang Wyvang, combined with SA165 and GCF’s ability to stay in the Zero-G Stadium, make this one of the best Sway Attackers.

===Use in Stamina customization===
A great Stamina type with SA165 in Zero-G is Duo Cygnus SA165 BWD. Duo and BWD provide excellent Stamina to outspin right spin opponents, and SA165’s LAD, with BWD’s extreme ability to wobble on it’s axis, allow this combo to outspin left spin combos, creating a very good Stamina type.

==Bottom: Wide Semi Flat==
[[image:MFB_PSF_01.jpg|thumb|Semi Flat Bottoms comparison (3/4 view): SF, BSF, WSF]][[image:MFB_PSF_02.jpg|thumb|Semi Flat Bottoms comparison (top view): SF, BSF WSF]]
*'''Weight:''' grams
WSF is simply a Semi Flat Bottom with a slightly wider flat section, and with a wider base. In other terms, it forms a bigger cut cone than SF was. Two sets of spiky shapes are also on either side of the main tip part, possibly to create a relation with Archer Gargole, the Beyblade this Bottom was introduced with.

In the Zero-G stadium, WSF is nothing more than an outclassed Sway Attack bottom. In the BB-10, however, it produces a very nice attack pattern and has decent survival. However, the shape of the tip makes it very hard to control, since it almost always skips the Tornado Ridge.

===Use in Attack Customization===
If the superior KO and OS bottom MF isn’t available, WSF can be used in Attack customs, such as Balro Balro SA165(Zero-G Attack Mode)WSF.

==Other Versions==
*'''Guardian Gargole M145SB''' - BBG-17 Random Booster 3 Vol. 2 Archer Gargole SA165WSF (Yellow and green stickers)
*'''Gargole Ifraid SA165GCF''' - BBG-24 Ultimate Synchrom DX Set Attack & Balance Type (Yellow, orange and white stickers)
*'''Archer Gargoyle SA165 WSF'''-Hasbro Version



With a slightly better than average Chrome Wheel and Bottom, as well as one of the best Tracks in beyblade history, makes Archer Gargole an amazing buy. As such, every blader should own multiples of this beyblade.

[[Category:Metal Fight Beyblade]]
Great to see it up!
WSF hasn't really be tested much, I cannot find any tests for it.
In the ultimate synchrom DX set article it said WSF was good in balance and attack customs.
No it doesn't?
Wait a min...SA165 has poor stamina in same spin matchups?

Did you read the SA165 Dicussion? All I can see, is it smashing AD145 and W145 stamina combos. Yet people recommend W145 for

I'd also beg to differ that WSF is hard to control. Because it skips the tornado ridge, you can choose whether you want a nice sliding path or a stall.
(Jul. 21, 2013  1:22 PM)*Ginga* Wrote: [ -> ]No it doesn't?
I thought I saw that said somewhere.
Well you are wrong then.
Can Gargoyle be used for Stanima customs since it's so light? I mean, I know you said that Archer Gargoyle needs a heavier chrome wheel to be effective, but, I'm just wondering.
From my tests, Gargole was too light for anything useful. I would almost relegate it to only being OK to use if no better Wheels like a second Revizer are available, which is very rare since Revizer is often included in Sets and things.
(Jul. 29, 2013  1:31 AM)Striker Phantom Wrote: [ -> ]Archer Gargoyle is rather a balance type, considering the fact that SA165 can be used for many different type customizations ( attack, stamina, etc ), that Gargoyle has some use in defense when paired with Reviser, that Archer I guess has some use in stamina, and that WSF has some attack.

Striker Phantom, ALL crystal wheels are useless. Only Gargole,SA165, and WSF can be used.
The first sentence is the case with all zero g beys.
Sorry for the late replies everyone, kinda forgot about this.

!: Whoa, you're totally right! Sorry about that! It does get crushed by stuff above it, from the thread and my personal testing, so I'll say it has poor stamina against taller opponents.

-V: KainHighwind had some awesome results with it(better than Revizer Revizer), which is why I put it in there.

Phantom: Gargole has no use in stamina.
Archer exposes ifrit/Ifraid critical contact points.
It may, but Ifraid has very little smash, and Crystal Wheels are useless.
I know.
ShinobuXD, I think you need mention that Archer Gargole was once only obtainable in Zero G RB2 until Sonokong released it as a Starter.
(Aug. 14, 2013  5:15 PM)RDF3 Wrote: [ -> ]ShinobuXD, I think you need mention that Archer Gargole was once only obtainable in Zero G RB2 until Sonokong released it as a Starter.

And this would be formulated by mentioning that it is the prize Beyblade of the Zero-G Random Booster Vol. 2 and that it was later released in more accessible options such as the Ultimate Synchrom DX Set, and SonoKong's Starter.
Shouldn't you mention that Wyvang can also be used with Gargole?
I have never heard of Wyvang being used with Gargole, ever.
(Sep. 15, 2013  11:42 PM)*Ginga* Wrote: [ -> ]I have never heard of Wyvang being used with Gargole, ever.
Well if Wyvang is supposed to be heavy, then yeah.
Just because they're both heavy doesn't mean they can be used with eachother. Gargole doesn't have uses besides Dragooon since they have great synergy. Shinobu, you should mention that it has great synergy with Dragooon.
Okay, I get it now. I was just on the heavier chrome wheel part.