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Full Version: Spin stealing in MFB Draft
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Quote:Spin stealing in MFB

A spin Stealing/Equalizing combo is a beyblade with parts that help it equalize the opponents momentum using opposite rotation. Most spin stealing combos use free bottoms like EWD or B:D. LAD* is very important too, it help keep the spin stealer spinning.
In Zero-G

Dragooon is a very prized part for spin stealing in both Zero-G stadiums and in a BB-10. In a Zero-G stadium it can be paired with Revizer/Killerken and a B:D to create a powerful spin stealer. because of B:D free spinning nature it allows the beyblade to retain its spin more thus increasing stamina.

In a BB10

Dragooon is very powerful in BB-10 too. When combined with Revizer and SA165EWD it uses LAD* to Equalize a Right spinning opponent's power. Duo/Death F230CF is very powerful too due too it's extremely high LAD*. At first it minimizes the amount of contact between it and the left spinning beyblade. Then, a the end of the battle it goes through the center and spin steals from the left spinning beyblade. This combo is useful against Dragooon.

Good Track/Tip setups in BB-10

Good track tip setups in Zero-G

*Life after death.

Please feel free to add on. I'm not done.
You do not really understand precession ... Precession is the act of wobbling. EWD's performance is more like it will wobble more or less as usual, but it will also spin on its axis while turning in parallel with the stadium floor. You need to think about it in at least three dimensions.

This draft is also wrong because technically any opposite-spin Beyblade can steal spin to equalise ... If there were majorly left-spin combinations, you would be talking about right-spin "Spin Stealers", you see ?
Okay, I get it now.
No offense, but this draft isn't exactly great. It is very short, and you don't really go in depth as to why and why not things work.

By the way, circular wheels don't automatically counter spin stealers. If you use Duo on something like MB, you will lose to a spin stealer.
And it's not exactly Duo's shape (even though that helps with LAD), its that its center of gravity is lower. :\ I think the only wheel that can actually counter the spin stealing itself, or actually avoid having its spin stolen, is Death.
It's definitely getting spin stolen, Death would still have 100+ rotations left when up against spin stealers. Its probably just harder to still spin consistently from it, due to the grinding and everything.
(Jul. 18, 2013  10:58 PM)ShinobuXD Wrote: [ -> ]It's definitely getting spin stolen, Death would still have 100+ rotations left when up against spin stealers. Its probably just harder to still spin consistently from it, due to the grinding and everything.

Well, yah. Tongue_out You know what I mean.
As Far as I know, There is already mentioned Spin Stealing in the Beywiki in the Zombi Draft.
In that case, I recommend you to actually read the rest of the Zombie Article.
That's when you'd actually realize that Spin Stealing =/= Zombie.
Except for zombies are only for HMS/plastics.
I'd say it needs to include some info on L-Drago II. Having rubber protrusions helps improve its spin steal ability significantly, especially in comparison to Zero-G Dragooon.

Now, this is something I simply am curious about, but could help this draft if true: do free-spinning bottoms like BGrin improve spin stealing ability, hinder it, or have no effect?
they help.
Technically, they do not directly cause any improvement in "Spin Stealing ability".
The ability of spin stealing is a metal wheel's characteristic, and it doesn't really "improve" when used with certain parts.
Free Spinning bottoms like B: D simply help a bey retain it's spin better- with the free spinning towards the end.
It is an overall improvement in the structure of a spin stealing combo. Not an improvement in spin stealing ability.
It is just two different parts (performing two different functions) coordinating in a way that is most conducive for a combo to perform the function it is meant to perform...
Thank janstarblast I understand it more now. I updated my article draft.