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I read Homestuck. I really like it, too, at one point obsessively...

Since I don't have much to say, I'll just ask: what's your favorite flash? Mine would have to be [S] John: RISE UP. The music and theme just comes together great.
My friend loves Homestuck, although I personally couldn't get into it, haha.
Man I love Homestuck! I'm on this page currently My purple haired friend got me in to it and she has a cosplay of god level John.
Sorry to double post but I just Downloaded Pesterchum 6.0!!! here's the link

And my chumroll is bladerCrab.
I hate the fact that we have almost 1M people here, and I'm the only one to post on this thread now. I feel like Dave during one of his self aware monologues. Any way, I officially hate the giga pause, for I have finally caught up in Homestuck. )':B *nubby horn frown*