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Full Version: [Belgrade,Serbia] Any Bladers?
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Hello, I am trying to find some bladers in the area so we can hang out for the summer. Post here if you are interested!
I can possibly make a tournament...
Here we are.
My son is 10 years old. I'm too old to participate tournaments, but who knows, if rules allow "Madoka" can join too.

Sad I did not see the thread years ago, although took advices from WBO all the time without registration.

We have lot of good Metal beyblades and some of Burst series too.

Occasional matches are welcome too.
We do have big tournaments in Belgrade, just not organized by WBO as I know.

They are played at 6 - 12 arenas, with referee for every arena, plus main referee plus guy at computer for Swiss system ... speakers for live show, advertising ... very well organized.

Here's my boy winning 2nd place at 4 years age. Small one in blue T-shirt.
Hi,sorry because I am late but I live in Belgrade and I would love a tournament

Ps: I am 12