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Full Version: Build me a combo plz
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Build me plz a combo using flame serpent. beat lynx duo uranus and death quetzelcoatl plz. I'll be very glad
this doesn't need a thread just post these beys in build me a combo #2 and somebody will tell you a combo for these beys.
duo serpent 125 rdf
duo quetzelcoatl ch170 rdf
Let him ask somewhere else and hoe come you created so many threads?
Seriously did you two not read UltmiteOrion's post right above you?

Anyways, you don't need one thread for this, much less 10 or so. Ask in Build Me A Combo #2

EDIT: Sorry Azl, didn't mean you.
It's okay I knew who you were talking to.
Man. Dude, you made 7 (!) threads for this. Just use the thread ultimateorion said,

This is rediculous. You really need to read the rules. You can't make threads like this, buddy.