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Full Version: F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
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So, this is where we can discuss my favourite sitcom, Friends. Friends follows the lives of six, well, friends who all live near, and in most cases room, with each other.
My favourite character is Chandler.
I won't say too much more, except that this is the thread to discuss all things Friends.
Joey rules, I have to say. Friends is one of those shows that I don't record, but watch when it's on.
I remember this show, back when I lived at my grandmas, my young aunt (17 I think) would play the episodes loud man...
Hate to bump this thread, but I was wondering if anyone had heard of the fake Friends reunion rumour that was going around. This is probably old news by now though. It sucks that it was fake, a reunion would have been awesome.
Anyway, I've recently leaned more towards Chandler as my favourite character. I can relate to him a lot. We're both sarcastic, both had our parents divorce at 9 (mind you, my parents are a lot more normal than his were), and I'm best friends with someone who's a ladies man.
This show is really funny.

Joey and chandler always playing they're soccer table thingy XD
Foosball. It's Foosball. XD
Yah, I'm gonna get a table like that when I grow up.

Also, I have this chart in google docs, and according to it, I've seen exactly 71.61% of the episodes. As a great man who may or may not go by the name Chandler Muriel Bing might have said, could I BE any more obsessed?
Ah, that's it.

I doubt I've seen %40 of them XP
I loved this show and loved Chandler, one of the best character of a sitcom ever.