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Full Version: [RULES] Always Double-Blind
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Always Double Blind

Currently the rules indicate that if one blader selects his bey early, the other player gets a chance to pick his or her Beyblade after the fact. If both bladers wait for the other to pick, then the Stalling Clause is invoked and the pick is made double-blind. It has been proposed that all picks in a tournament should be double-blind by default to prevent various forms of deception.

Should all tournament picks be double blind or is the ruleset okay as it is (and why)?


If all picks were double blind:

  • Tournaments would potentially be shorter
  • Prevents some forms of degenerative deception

  • Each match always requires a third party

I really think that all picks should be double-blind. I don't want there to be some kid who thinks the opponent has attached their Beyblade to the launcher because they twisted the prongs and then counter-pick the other person. That's not a Beyblade skill, that's being a jerk and could cause animosity between the tournament participants. All of this would be easily prevented by all picks being double-blind, which would also save some time since we wouldn't have to wait for someone to invoke the Stalling Clause.
I've already made extensive arguments for this in my rule change proposal thread, and Nocto raised fair counterarguments.
I suggest people read through that thread before voting/making up their mind either way (I'm guessing Nocto, like me, won't feel like repeating himself here - and as debate has basically subsided I guess it's probably in a similar place as the stalling clause/selection time proposal). Here's a link:

Obviously, I am very, very strongly in support of this.