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Full Version: What is different between Kid/Master Dragoon and Dranzer GT?
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I know that both those attack rings are great at upper attacking but i dont know wich is the best.

I want to make 2 combos. One that uses a

strata dragoon v base
a MW right spin gear (right)
a 10-Wide Weight Disk
and a Kid/Master Dragoon AR,OR Dranzer GT AR

and another that consists of

a plain Flat base
MW spin gear (right)
a 10 Wide Weight Disk
Kid/Master dragoon, OR Dranzer GT AR

I dont know wich AR to use on either combo can i have some suggestions/help please.

Thank You
In the future, please post questions like this in the "Ask a question, get an answer" topic.

Triangle Wing has equal Upper Attack in each spin direction, whereas Upper Dragoon has better Upper Attack in right spin than in left spin. For left spin, use Triangle Wing. For right spin, use Upper Dragoon. For your combos, Upper Dragoon would be best.
Sorry for putting it in the wrong spot and thx for the help I just made the combos and they are pretty good