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Full Version: If you could have a bey based on anime aesthetics...
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a bey i call komodo which is earth lacerta sw145 sb it spins calmly and creeps up on other beys
Diablo rex 135 rsf. A giant purple t-rex would be awesome. It would heve amazing attack and the iron clad defence of the rsf
Ultimate Gravity Destroyer (Attack or Stamina) TH170HF/S the ultimate Gimmicked bey or Gravity Destroyer/Vulcan Horuseus M145Q/MS it would slice others beys apart.
I would choose Diablo gil B:D attacks head on wouldn't work because of B:D attacks from above wouldn't work because of gil as seen in the battle between tsubasa and argo and attacks from below wouldn't work because diablo would be to heavy to lift up it and it would spin for ever Because of B:D and the attack stamina and defence of diablo would be able to outspin ko or defend against anything it would be the ultimate bey
Mine would blitzs striker T125CS
(Aug. 10, 2013  5:07 PM)XKai_DranzerX Wrote: [ -> ]Mine would blitzs striker T125CS

And the reason is?
My reason is because blitz power is very amazing and its made for attack has two modes Its good for offense and defense in some ways. Striker because Who doesn't love an green unicorn Jk his attack power is superb and the speed is phenomenal.He also is very aerodynamic because of the horn.T125 because the tornado spin track increase the spin force around the bey do that its a little shield if you launch hard enough and helps attack.Lastly,I picked CS because the coated sharp hives it some grip a bit of stamina and some fantastic attack movements.This is why I choose this bey😊😊. Good enough explanation sir.

blitzs striker T125CS May not be a top tier bey But He Is My Dream Bey.
diblo rex 145 WB is a beast beast it it would chase down other beys until it bEAT them
Mine would be Ray Gil 100RSF.
Please elaborate why, as said in the opening post.

Anyways, my new one would be Ifraid Dragooon CH120CS. The mode changing gimmick of CH120 would be awesome and an aggressive moving tip that also has Great stamina would be good.

Again, this is based on anime aesthetics so don't take it seriously Wink.
that combo would be interesting to see in real lofe Smile but what perpose (based on the anime) does Ifriad Dragoon serve?
I haven't really watched much of Zero G, but from what I've seen, Ifraid and Dragoon are really good in the anime so that's why I chose them.
How about Big Bang Striker TH170R2F. TH170 for height changes, Big Bang for mode changes, striker cause its cool, and R2F is pretty self explanatory. Another bey would be Diablo Leone BGrin.
for any bey based on the anime it should have gil when tsubasa battles argo it was shown that gil was Immune to attacks from above
(Sep. 15, 2013  1:03 AM)Lazer Wrote: [ -> ]for any bey based on the anime it should have gil when tsubasa battles argo it was shown that gil was Immune to attacks from above

What? You post a bey that you think you'd be super cool in the animeGrin
Like this:

(Jul. 31, 2013  7:18 PM)Switchblad3r Wrote: [ -> ]L-drago destroy R-145EDS L-drago's power with the Iron wall defence track and the ability to suck Beyblades in by magically turning the surface to sand! Oh and spin steal x2(excess rubber)
it was a suggestion Smile
upgrade RSF on diablo rex 145 like shown in the anime RSF makes an awesome offense so its lik t-rex chasing you down
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