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Full Version: [26/05/13][Bangalore, India] Warfare in The Shade 2.0
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Venue : My house. Address will be PM'ed to the attendees.

Format : Round Robin. MFB.

Date and time : 26th May 2013. Be there by 12PM.

Entry Fee : This event will be free for BeyDays. Blader Passports can be bought for INR 560.

Hosts : BladingSpirit5, darkbull9999.

Confirmed Attendees :

Some Important stuff :

☻ Before you do anything else, please read through the WBO Official Play rules.

☻ Please post in this thread or send a Private Message to any of these members if you want to attend:

☻ You can also contact me through this phone number:

☻ Please be committed.

☻ We don't use the money we get from the Entry fees. All the money is sent to the WBO. Please read this for more information : Matter of Money of the World Beyblade Organization. As you can read there, this money is used for the running and maintenance of the site and to buy cool prizes for contests and lotteries.
Credit to electric for starting the beyblade committee here and this tourney is living proof of that aiming for a good spot.
I wasn't there for warfare in the shade 1 but that doesn't mean I ain't coming for this one
Great, 2 years back I started my beyblading and now will try to win this one.
I will be keen to see the results of this one. I hope BladingSpirit5 wins, he's a tough person to beat in a Beybattle.
Here are the results:

Picture of all the attendees: [WARNING, large photograph]
Just as I guessed...!!
Congrats BS5
Congrats to BS5 , SpikeBeyRahul and darkbull999
(May. 26, 2013  10:26 AM)darkbull9999 Wrote: [ -> ]Here are the results:

Picture of all the attendees: [WARNING, large photograph]
Congratulations BS5, SpikeBeyRaahul and darkbull9999. So BladingSpirit5 used a crystal wheel (Archer)?
I used Gryph, not Archer. Darkbull must've gotten confused between the two when he typed that out.
congrats BS5... one tough blader!! congrats to the other winners too...
This was an amazing tournament.

We started at about 12:45, finished almost half of the Tournament and at about 1:45 we had our lunch by about 2:10.By wasting no time we continued, the Tournament got over by 2:50 or 2:55 then we had some Zero-G freeplay by about 3:15 we all left home.
This shows that all the participants were listening to the hosts.

This time it was very hard all the bladers of the tournament were very hard to beat.But,as usual BladingSpirit5 dominated.Smile

Great, hope to have more Tournaments in Bangalore in the future.Smile
sorry i am late congrats to all winners!
Happy, got my first Silver face.