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Full Version: Speed Cubers
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Hey guys is anyone else on this site a speed cuber?
i'm not a 'speed cuber' yet, but my time getting down pretty good
i started about 3 weeks and i'm using F2L and learning 2 look pll and oll,
currently my best time is 51.65 seconds
i have a da Yan cube
Post whats your best time Smile
If it counts, I could solve a Rubiks Magic in 8 seconds...
I'm a speed cuber to, but my fastest time is 3 minutes and 45 seconds. I'm working on getting my time to 10 seconds..........
I can't even solve a Rubik's cube, kudos to any speed cuber. I was working on one for a day and made no progress at all. I wish I knew how to solve one. Crying
Well, would like to share my stats too.
I used a standard, well used Rubik's Cube and achieved 1 min 45 secs as my fastest.
Now I have a DaYan cube myself and it's great for solving fast, but due to lack of practise my skills have dropped and I can only achieve around 2-3 mins. Grin
I would recommend a cube like DaYan simply because it's a lot easier to turn each side compared to a standard Rubik's.