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Full Version: [Helsinki, Finland] BeyDays@WorldVillagFestival
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Name: BeyDays@World Village Festival (Maailma Kylässä)
Date: 25-26.5.2013 starting 12:00
Venue: Kaisaniemi park, Helsinki. Specific place open, probably near the Kid's Corner/Info somewhere in the grass.
Expected Turnout Hopefully at least 8
Format: Standart with attack type stadiums (bb-10 and/or balance type (bb-46).
Depending on the number of participants, Round Robin or Double Elimination
Additional Information:

¤Last year there was no official WBO approved event because of the lack of signed up participants and most of the bladers where random kids without own blades.

So please sign up for this event to make it the first WBO approved event in Finland!
Please bring your own blades!

¤ Before you do anything else, please read through the WBO Official Play rules. If you don't, you'll be losing out on the tournament day, so don't blame me.

¤In order to participate post in this thread
Send me a Private Message if you want to attend: dbk

¤ Please be committed.

¤ If you have any problems, feel free to PM me.

Sorry if I don't post this in finnish, because I assume that, if you are reading this there is no need for it. You can of course PM me in finnish :-) but post here in english

Note: if the weather is bad, the tournament will be held on the 5th floor of the Kamppi Shopping Center


I'm not in Finland at the moment ... But I will be visiting in the summer holidays.
The tournament was held with 9 bladers. thank you for your attending :-) Everyone has a good time.

Congratulations to the final three:

1. Samuel
2. Olli
3. Joel

It was nice to seen bladers with own blades and self made combos.
Pictures from the tournament here

Next Up Hypecon @ Hyvinkää
Damn I missed it. And I'm from Finland.