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Full Version: What does Beyblade mean to you?
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( To me )Beyblade means, Anyone can become friends by having a simple battle. The way the battle turns out is depended on the person's friendship. Not by stats or types or if your bey is fake or not. Beyblade means you can actually befriend someone with a toy and not if you're hot or cool or whatever. It means that i can have friends anytime, anywhere, and it's nice to have friends. By being beaten in a tournament doesn't mean you should be enemies. Take Kyoya and Gingka from Metal Fusion for example. They were enemies once but then they're friends being rivals. Beyblade means that anyone can get along. And just bc you use plastic or metal or burst doesn't mean we're all seperated. It means we're bladers. And that we can all come together and have a good time.
When MFB first came out, I was pretty hyped to get my hands on some of those metal tops. I had seen the anime, and seen the intense battles they had shown, and thought that I could do that too. My first bey was a Galaxy Pegasus. I had gathered more as I went, and sadly, i wasn't able to find anyone to battle me. So, they were forgotten... Then with the arrival of Burst, I had decided to find my old Beys and start battling again. And then I found this place. Now I know that I'm not the only one who would sell their life and soul for that one bey. Because, when I think of Beyblade, I don't think of a childish game. I think of an intense competitive sport that brings joy to those who enjoy it, and maybe even to those who don't play it.
Beyblade means to me is the spirit of friendship. When was in middle school beyblade wasn't very popular. I'd try geting people in to beyblade but I was to shy. Very thing change when I got into to high school in senior year. I started blading when these two boys walk up and and ask me what was doing. At frist I said nothing. Then ask they again. This time I said was beybladeing and that's when the friendship started. But now that im done with high school. But I'll will always that friendship bond in my heart.
To put it in short, despite only being a hobby it means a huge amount to me because I've played it since it released back in 2000, it's just so much fun and I always loved watching the anime and still do with Burst & I love seeing what people do with them in videos, the physics of Beyblade, I watched vids for beys when YouTube first came around so that's the main reason why I started my Channel, so in general beyblade is one of the things that always gets me pumped and puts a smile on my face!
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