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Full Version: State Of Tournaments
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First off, our "hotspots" for tournaments are:

• Maryland
• Canada
• North Carolina
• Virginia
• New York
• Los Angeles (not common though)
• Puerto Rico (congrats!)
• UK (not recently though)
• India
• Indonesia
• Italy
• Michigan

Recently, I feel in some areas the amount of participants has been under 20 for a long time now. Can't think of when Canada last had 15-20, and Maryland has been under 20 since October. IIRC India has only havin usuals at tourneys, no new guys. Not sure about Italy and Indonesia. UK has been running low for a Lon time now. Virginia just started getting back into a regular tournament once a month. North Carolina IIRC has been doing well. Puerto Rico just started having tournaments and new people keep coming. Michigan has been doing well overall, but the loss of Coach is clearly felt.

So yeah, this thread is just to talk about the state of tournaments in your area.
Virginia consistantly has over 15 people and it seems to grow bigger every event. The Qualifier looks to be the biggest tournament to date. I'm expecting around 25. So yea, Virginia is making a comeback and doesn't look to slow down. The frequency of tournaments is solely based on wether I can get the time off to hold one. I had a good amount of support from the NC community and we are in constant communication with each other. Tis summer, I will ve in New Jersey with the hopes of starting up that community as well. Unfortunately, i'm not up there but once a year so they will need to keep it going. I'll let you know when I'm up there. Thats it for now so...
I do feel that this was and is a needed thread and coach wasn't the first to leave, it was first the DA-WREched family with them it basically was going to be a confirmed tournament, I mean there was five of them! Then it was PattyCakeChamp, then Ozzyb, then finnaly Coach. If I didn't step up to being a host I don't know how jacked up Michigan would be.
: Yeah, Virginia actually has been doing well with you hosting recently.
NC has 15+ on average. We are getting more now that we've started back. Colosseum helped us boost our numbers.
Illinois hasn't had any in awhile but the last two official ones had 16 and 52. We here in Illinois are very inconsistent. If my tournament gets approved, we will probably not get over 10.
The promotional and advertising aspect is fairly obscure for the wbo, which I think leads to the lack of newcomers. However, I have no idea how to fix this. Additionally, the first tournament experience is by far the most important, we had five fairly new young people come to the last Maryland tournament but because of our lack of organizing of a group as a whole (not just putting the blame on stars because we all need to step up) and I doubt they are going to come back now. I mean, once you've been to two or three you are going to continue coming even if its not every month. The point I am trying to make is that every tournament needs to be close to being run perfectly because it is almost always going to be someone's first one.
It is more or less the host's job to promote the tourney near him or her.

Very true about the second part though.
It is also not really just our responsibility to promote the World Beyblade Organization outside of the World Beyblade Organization ... We obviously do our best with our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts, but when our own Members cannot even be bothered to advertise the site, its tournaments, its Beywiki articles, etc. on big sites like the official Beyblade Facebook Page, it frankly disappoints me. I keep trying to do so myself, but since I am the only one, the moderators there keep deleting my messages and banning me from posting there; if we were at least dozens making several messages, then at least other Bladers out there would have an opportunity to get the information before the moderators have time to delete it.

Even in the Scavenger Hunt, a lot of people simply shared a Beywiki article and a BeyChannel video with their own friends ... However, even with tournaments, I dare hope that your friends are already aware of it; people need to push further from the obvious circle of friends.
I m currently finding some bladers in our area. I live in Thane which is in India. The only person who can host the tourney in Thane is nik1392. We had 2 tourneys in Thane but in both tourneys there were only 8-10 bladers!! We want more bladers to make Thane tourneys even more interesting.
georgia needs a tourney! last time was the quest to beat mooncake in september 21st.
Well, its true that India isn't getting new members...
At the same time, we are close to having a large-scale, well-advertised tourney. Only if this move succeeds, we can expect many new members.
It has all been possible due to the joint efforts of all Indian hosts.
Don't forget New Jersey
Slowly, Toronto is losing more bladers for our tournaments. It's so weird, because at random times a lot of Bladers come, and then sometimes it's barely 8 participants. I hope we start getting more bladers Uncertain
Same here in Michigan, we had 8 on April 6th's tournament then for the qualifiers there was 22!
We having Colosseum and the Qualifier in North Carolina we are getting some new people. Although most of them don't seem to come. More like they wanted to do a one time thing. Also the same with North Carolina like other places. Sometime we get a lot and sometimes we barely meet the minimum. Hopefully BeyDays will get more popular.
we need tournaments in phx az.Nobody is hosting a tournament in phx.And i have my beyblade.(i bearly bought it though so i dont know if im good)can u please assighn hosts at phx az.
i want a tournement in kansas so badley there was never any here i want to host one but cant find anyone ive never been to a tourney before
Our scene is just picking up now in CT, which is awesome. I'm hoping I can keep up the momentum. I've got one coming up this Saturday, and a pretty big one I'm hosting a convention in July. After that I'm hoping for sometime around Halloween and the winter holidays.
Well Illinois is pretty much dead. I tried twice to organize a tourney, and both not enough people have been able to come (as for now, only one person has answered my pm, only to say they can't come). This means we probably won't have a beydays tournament, or any tournament for a while.
Well, I'm planning to have a tournament with Plastic/HMS in Illinois. I would make it a Qualifier if Kei agrees with my idea.
A qualifier for what?
I know there have a been a few in Ct and there is one coming up but we want more!
There were actually a lot of new blader in the recent London tournament.
And a turnout of 21 people.
So decent.
Here in uk only problem i find with tournaments lacking i have only been to one but never took part cuz i missed 2 of my tubes cuz i suck at tubes! Also only tournament hosters we have is blitz....

above may be false becase i have only recently joined 1 month back and have seen 1 tournament (which i could not attend) soo it may be wrong but whatever
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