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Full Version: [Los Angeles, California, 4/27/13] BEYBLADE REVOLUTION: Los Angeles Qualifier
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[Image: beybladerevolutionquali.png]

5202 Zoo Drive - Los Angeles, California 90027

Start: 12:30PM

THE REVOLUTION BEGINS! California Bladers, this is your chance to earn paid travel expenses to Toronto to play in the WBO North American Championship, BEYBLADE REVOLUTION!!

Mandatory $5 Entry Fee = More Qualifiers + Extra Credits + Free Face Booster!
To help subsidize the high cost of flying/busing the qualifiers to Toronto, a mandatory $5 entry fee will be imposed on this WBO North American Championship Qualifier Series tournament, regardless of whether or not participants have a Blader Passport (if you do not have one, you are welcome to purchase one in the place of the $5 fee, though), and there will be no prize reimbursement apart from the travel expenses for the winner. We hope that everyone can understand this! The more funds we have, the bigger this championship will be! However, to show our appreciation for your cooperation and support in helping to fund the championship, all participants in Qualifier Series tournaments will receive the following:

What can I win?
The winner of this qualifier will receive the following:
  • Paid travel expenses, by plane or bus (whichever is cheapest) to ANIME NORTH 2013 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for BEYBLADE REVOLUTION.
  • An ANIME NORTH 2013 Pass
Qualifiers will be responsible for finding/paying for accommodations in Toronto, but the WBO Committee will work closely with the winner to make sure that they find somewhere suitable. Additionally, the winner will be required to consult with the Committee before booking their flight/bus, and then after approval, provide a booking confirmation to the WBO Committee before they can provide reimbursement for the traveling costs.

If you think you'll be able to make it out to BEYBLADE REVOLUTION: California Qualifier, please post here and I will start building an attendance list!


Possible Attendees:
Omg. I cant believe that there is a california qualifier. Thanks poliswag.
(Apr. 09, 2013  5:09 AM)hyperproblader Wrote: [ -> ]Omg. I cant believe that there is a california qualifier. Thanks poliswag. Could you also tell about the zero g format rules. I have no clue.

Try reading the WBO Universal Rulebook:

Essentially, only ZERO-G Stadiums are used, but all Metal Fight Beyblades are legal.
yes! A tournament for LA! Did my PM tell you about this? Tongue_out Put me on the possible list please. I'll get back to you soon tonight.
I just took a look at it. Thanks.
ohhhhhh im in
Awesome!! Count me in!!
(Apr. 09, 2013  3:46 PM)HellKaiserZero Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome!! I'm in!!! Just to ask, is it Zero-G beys only or any of the Metal Fight system?
Is the location next to "Live Steamers" like before in the super beyclash event? Also, what type will the zero g stadiums be?
put me on the California definitely list I am there 100%
Count me in! Im at 75%.
YES! A tournament in LA finally! It is probably an 100% chance of me coming since my dad said I can come to the next tourney. Will there also be prizes other than Anime North stuff? I'm not trying to beg for other prizes.
count me in
sign me up!!!!!
I want to go so bad! Its only like 2 hours max from my house driving. I want to battle, but if I qualify I'll be screwed since I wouldn't be able to make it to Toronto :L
I'm going I'm going!!!
im going =)
put me on the California one im going 100%
thank you.
Too bad LA is like 5 hours away from me. Unhappy Wah!!! I can't participate.
Can you put me on the maybe list? I have to see if I can get that day off from work. Thanks!
Are you allowed to use fake launcher grips?
No, nothing fake is allowed at WBO tournaments.
(Apr. 11, 2013  11:55 AM)*Ginga* Wrote: [ -> ]No, nothing fake is allowed at WBO tournaments.

Or at any respectable Beyblade tournament for that matter ...

Damn, there is so much interest in California, you guys should really do your best to hold regular tournaments from now on. We got the occasional Ohio, Tennessee, etc. requests, but almost everyone else was asking for something near Los Angeles.
Ok. Who among us has a zero G stadium? I know I've seen at least two at the past events.
ATTENDING. See you guys there, I hope I go to Canada. Again.
I'm going for sure. I only live 10 minutes away, so yeah.
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