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Full Version: [New York, NY, 4/20/13] BEYBLADE REVOLUTION: New York Qualifier
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Hi guys, this post will serve as an explanation for what's going on with this tournament's result. In short, it is a real mess. There are matches that are supposed to be there, but aren't, and vice versa. Eliminated players still have matches further down. Players from the Winning block battling people from the Losing block, etc.

I feel that I owe it to you guys to give the explanation as to what will get processed. [Pyro] did try to mend it as best as possible before submitting it to us. I have spent hours reconstructing the event, based on what might and should have been, and below is the best solution, and it is the one that will get processed.

Original result that was submitted including the resoncstruction (Click to View)

Ethan H seemed to be the clear winner even before the reconstruction. He will receive the Gold Face and the First Place credit. Unfortunately, we will not award the 2nd & 3rd Face Place and Place Credits. Also, do keep in mind, that the erroneous matches will not be processed.
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