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Full Version: Safety of PMing
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My parents think that I shouldn't PM for numerous reasons such as someone trying to lure me into meeting somewhere and being kidnapped, or other things I can't speak about. I told them if these things happened in PMs I could forward the PM to a Committee Member. This did not convince them.

I trust most members here, and I feel it is "a disability" if you will, if I turn my PMs off. I can't buy from dimsum2u, among others. I can not talk about members actions, good or bad.

So basically, any suggestions to convince my parents to let me PM.
Haha, my parents think so too. I told them that I rarely PM, and when I do, it is usually just to discuss a combo or when I am buying something, and they said okay, fine. So I'd just tell them you only use it to discuss combos and buy(assuming you don't use it for anything else).
I'll try, but I don't think it will work, hah.
Tell them to stop being so paranoid. I know that may not convince them but i'd say it's the truth that they're being paranoid/overprotective.
You could say that you're old enough to know who/what to trust. The PM's that would leave your parents concerned, should not be replied to. Also, you could ask your parents about each PM you get, so your parents could decide what's safe or not. (Unless the messages are personal). Also, I agree with Ultra, you should let them know to stop being so paranoid, and that you understand what you are doing on this site.
(Mar. 30, 2013  2:00 AM)Ultra Wrote: [ -> ]Tell them to stop being so paranoid. I know that may not convince them but i'd say it's the truth that they're being paranoid/overprotective.


Those are good reasons LMAO, thanks!
Just tell them that you will never agree to meet up with an individual, and will only consider ever going somewhere if you are looking at an approved, official WBO tournament thread.

This can indeed be a serious issue, but as far as I know we have thankfully never had any victims of predators here.

A good way would also be to let them know that you promise to let them know if you think a message is too weird and could hurt your safety.
They are also worried about child molestration, and things like that could easily come out of nowhere ...
From just the way you talk about it anyway, it is clear that you would not fall for those tricks ... Really, just tell them that you will never meet up with anyone anyway unless it is at an approved tournament with more than eight other Bladers probably accompanied by their parents too.

Simply going on the internet opens a few doors for "bad things" but if you know how to use the internet, you will be fine.

If you receive a PM asking for a suspicious meet-up, would you really agree to that? I mean, come on, seriously? And I am over 100% sure that your parents accompany you to all tournaments anyways.

Quote:There are many ways to lure minors through the Internet. More particularly in chat rooms, nothing is easier than to pretend to be someone else. Some people take advantage of the relative anonymity offered by the Net to lie about their age, occupation and... intentions [...]As with discussion forums, we have to be careful about the information we disclose. Youth may not always understand the consequences of their actions and the information disclosed may make it easier for predators to manipulate minors.

You should not post your address anywhere on the site or give it to anybody, that is a given.

If they still insist that the PM system is "harmful", then:

And also:

"Bad people" cannot pull you through their computer screen and so as long as you do not disclose private information, forward the "harassing" PM to an administrator (that can surely deal with the problem very efficiently) you will be safe and out of trouble.

Needless to say, I am very interested in what your parents have to say now (*´・v・)
Thy still insist on not allowing me, but the good news is they said the time when I will be able to do is coming soon ... Uncertain
Is your Birthday coming up? Maybe when you turn _ they'll let you?
Why do you not give them your password to your account and have them place orders with dimsum2u? They are your parents after all and wouldn't mess around with your account anyways.

Then you can discuss tournaments in public threads and your parents should not have a problem with that?

If they do however insist on closing your PM system, go figure eh?

I give up ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ
Like Insomniac mentioned, give them your account info. so they can check every so-often and make sure that everything is ok. I mean, they'd be able to look themselves, and determine whether something is safe or unsafe. Besides that, I got nothing. (No shoes or notin Jesus I ran for my life) (had to) (sorry)
They already have the information, so I think I will just have to wait.