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Full Version: Gryph Saramanda 230 SF
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My combo is designed to deliver blows to DEFENSE TYPES of SAME HEIGHT. Gryph is used for the final blow that crushes the opponent but not for force smashing them. Saramanda has some barrage ability, so I chose this. 230 is a substitute for th170, for it could change heights, but 230 is fine because top tier defense uses E230 at times. Finally, Sf is used for continuous attack, with some defense and the ability to sleep out the defense types.

Against Reviser2 E230RSF in zero g attack stadium
gryph:16/20(1 stadium out, 15 sleep outs)
Reviser:4/20(1 stadium out, 3 sleep outs)
gryph win percentage: 80%
Reviser on top is half mint, lower one is near mint
gryph won reviser a few times when it was tilting seriously, but E230 started scraping and gryph won XD

attack type zero g stadium is recommended as it could hit opponents constantly. No sliding shoot or angling the shot as it will cause the bey to jump and commit suicide.

anyway this is designed to counter defense not spin stealing
Eh.... this combo seems outclassed. Sure, it's decent, but chances are it will lose to stamina and some attackers, at which point you'd probably be better off with other things. I might try to test it, but you should do more than one test, especially since the only thing you tested against was a stamina-less defender.
Agreed with ShinobuXD. Can you test this against Reviser Dragooon BGrin or anything else like (Synchrome) E230 CF/GCF?
Like is said, it is not intended for spin stealers.

anyway, shinobu, what will you reccomend for that type of defender? I will try to accomodate that.
Also, sf is great on 230 as it can tilt to some extent, making it have the ability to outlst some defense at the final secs.
For the defender, tests against MF-H Duo/Genbull Genbull E230 BSF would be great.
i will do it shortly.
Pretty much what I used to grind my Phantom Aquario W145 MF yesterday...
I used Revizer Gryph 230 SF.
But not that effective as well. I managed to alter my launch technique in order to destabalize it.
Synchromes on 'just' 230's aren't that good in my opinion,