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Full Version: The Beyblade Cut-Down System ~ Adding more skill to the game
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The Beyblade Cut-Down System!

I put this in the 'your creations' forum, since other systems are here.
Anyways ...
What is The Cut-Down System?

It is 'exactly what it says on the tin'. So to speak. It is a 'Cut-Down' of the original beyblade system.
Purely/merely consisting of;
any MFB facebolt
any track
any tip

Attach 'em all together and you get the Cut-Down system.

With the Cut-Down system, you may also spin the bey the appropriate way for you, so you can play with your stronger hand.

But of course, what's the point of it ? How is it a system if you only take away parts ?

Well, the point of the system, is to make the game properly skill-based.
In the Cut-Down system, not only is it the parts which change, but also the rules;

These consist of;

No launchers ! The main skill idea is to give you the maximum power over how the launch goes !
Both players launch/spin there Cut-Down bey from opposite sides of the stadium, and ,as-per-usual, the last bey spinning wins.

Why specify that it is an MFB facebolt ?

They are shorter, and when tightened into your track, fit together perfectly, whereas a zero-g facebolt does not - it's longer, leaving more space for error [tested] .

Current meta game status;

Well , nothing much really in this behalf .
Testing help would be nice .
Although I have found out that, for once, attack types are victorious through and through - even in hasbro stadium ! Wut!?

It's almost impossible to get a decent spin using MF LW160SB, but you can get a great spin with half decent skill using a combo such as MF BD145WF .

I have come to the conclusion that Metal Faces are actually not beneficial in the slightest for some combos Gasp ! !
Some combos do much better with a regular plastic MFB face !

I will post more (Such as tests) very soon .

Any help testing or just helping with the format and to help develop the game more, and getting it to the level where it's completely different to the standard system, would be much appreciated.
I have a feeling that Ingulit might like this idea, since he recently created a topic proposing a new format due to the lack of skill involved in the current one XP .

PLEASE NOTE: This is still currently in development, so please be patient and polite when pointing out errors and flaws, etc.
Sounds cool! I like the idea, and its original for sure! Maybe we can do a battle of the Cut-Down vs. Splice beys haha!
Are 4D bottoms allowed? I think B;D and X;D will do good. I'll have to try it out
LOL, B: D would be OP. Pretty interesting concept Luck, keep it up.
This seems interesting. I tried it a little earlier. I think SA165 EWD will be one of the better "Combinations" for this.
Interesting. Now, players would be able to spin beyblades either direction they wanted, right? Because I'm a lefty, and cannot spin beyblades right (the direction, not the state of success XD)
It seems still a little like Luck though Luck.
or... just attach a clear wheels and you can actualy launch the bey from a launcher...
(Mar. 19, 2013  2:06 AM)wtater888 Wrote: [ -> ]It seems still a little like Luck though Luck.
This is kind of true, as muscle and hand control would play a bigger part than they would in normal beyblade, due to the potential to launch longer (longer fingers) and more accurately (better hand control), both of which would affect this style of battle more than the normal way.
I still like the concept though!
That would not work. The beyblade would be way to light, and it would have no rpm's or go flying.
I had an idea ofbabwaybtheyvcould still be launched using light launchers. I'll edit this post if it works out.

(Mar. 18, 2013  8:58 PM)Luck Wrote: [ -> ]No launchers ! The main skill idea is to give you the maximum power over how the launch goes !

Although it would be cool if it worked, it would kind of take away part of the whole idea XP.


No. Although it still has an element of luck, it consists of much more precision and accuracy ...


Any way works fine ...

BONUS ! Cause i'm ampi-destrus .... (Even though I cannot spell it XD)


Great that the general consensus is positive , could someone please test the EWD combo ? Since I traded mine a few tournaments back :L.


I'm just about to do some testing.

EDIT: 4D Bottoms are still to be decided upon. They may, or may not be legal, depending on how OP they are...
Ambidextrous you mean, hah.
And I honestly don't think 4d bottoms would be that great. B D is to skinny, F D and F S will be stuck in a bad mode, X D would probably do ok, but honestly, BD145 and possibly SA165 would most likely dominate.
yup. heavy big tracks=good.
by the way - i added some tests.
Added second half of the tests.
Just checking out how much difference a metal face makes.
Haha, I'd love to , but i don't have time at the moment, I might be able to sometime next week though ...
Also, this does not really involve any personal customization - just cutting down.
So there is not quite so much need currently for videos.
But I will try to get some up as soon as possible