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Full Version: agentbeyblade21's buying list REVISED
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here is what I want to buy please pm me if you are selling any of them please include your price including shipping to Virginia USA. I would rather takara tomy not hasbro exept hyper blades or non changed beys. If your near VA please say so. i would also consider trading (hasbro launchers and ripcords and plastic series launchers). You must be a trusted seller. I have $50 to get as much of this as I can. G attack stadium, BB-10 beystadium
2.ultimate dx set or just beylauncher L/R, duo, custom metal face, and s130
3.dragooon, bandid genbull f230(not red must be orange or brown F230)TB, wyvang, killerken
4.th170, ch120, custom stone face, RDF, E230, cancer/cygnus, W145, SA165, BD145, CF/GCF, CS, SR200
What is your budget for everything there? I can sell you a few things.
please list your prices including shipping for what your selling thats on my list.
You can also check Dimsum2u's selling thread in the WBO Authorized Thread. His items are at good prices and he is selling a Gladiator Bahamdia SP230GF for 9.99 GBP.
I've updated first post. pm me an offer if your selling anything on my list.
I'm selling a mint Hades Kerbecs with Guardian Revizer and Archer Gryph in my thread.

PM me if you want to discuss prices.
updated OP (after a while)
Bandid Genbull F230TB
It should come out to around $60.00 Smile
(EDIT) Nevermind, Didn't realize you wanted this coming right from us.