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Full Version: [3/24/13] [Maryland,Silver Spring] Merry 2nd Anniversary (Zero-G)
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Happy 2nd Anniversary to all Maryland, Northern Virginia and Metro Area Bladers!

Hi everyone! This is the official thread for our March tournament being held in the Mid-Atlantic's favorite Beyblade venue, Martin Luther King Jr. Park - on Sunday, March 24 in Silver Spring, MD.

Location: Map of MLK Park The closest address to put in your GPS is 1098 Jackson Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20904, but be sure to look at the satellite view of the map above for the actual location of the tournament which will be inside the pavilion (just above the basketball courts)

Registration: 11:00am - Noon
Start time: Noon-thirty-ish
End time: Usually 3pm for most, 4pm for the finalists
Format: TBD depending on number of bladers
Stadiums: BBG-04 Attack, BBG-11 Defense, and BBG-18 Balance (Alternating rounds)
HMS Starting time[b]: Approximately 3:00PM (Tornado Attack Stadium)
Concrete with blankets and cardboard
Fees: Standard WBO fees ($5 entry fee or free with a Blader Passport)
MFB Prizes: Zero-G beys and gear (TBD)
HMS Prize: Face Booster MAROON [Image: FaceBoosterMAROON.png], Face Booster FLAXEN [Image: FaceBoosterFLAXEN.png], or Face Booster CELESTE [Image: FaceBoosterCELESTE.png]

Please post to this thread if you plan to make it - and for which tournament or tournaments you are confirmed!

  1. Stars
  2. Arupeao
  3. Tech
  4. beymaster15963
  5. BillyBlast
  6. Sonikku
  7. geetster99
  8. Blader IXI
  9. Blackizard
  10. edesen smith123
  11. Time
  12. repear12
  13. jacob brookover
  14. reachdude47

  1. Stars
  2. Arupeao
  3. Tech
  4. beymaster15963
  5. geetster99
  6. repear12
  7. Time
  8. BillyBlast

Special Event:Whoever gets first place in Zero-G will pick their opponent at Beyday in May!

I have 2 Gaia Dragoon MS Mint /w Case and 1 Draciel MS Mint /w Case for 10 dollars. **Both for 15 with 2 launcher and a rip cord for who want to participate HMS.
How exactly is it a "Second Anniversary", haha?
Didn't know Beyblade existed back then, haha!

So that was the first ever tourney in MD?
Actually no, but this is pretty much how we got so many people then the previous tournament in Washington DC. But it the first tournament in Maryland anyway.

I tried to host it but Kai-V wanted a veteran in the tournament blalalalah.

Anyway, thanks to who ever mod moved this. Let get this started.
Confirm me for both tournaments Grin
Im in for both is aru coming
Throw me in the confirmed list for Zero-G, can't believe its been 2 years since my first and MD's first tournament wow, this should be exciting. So Arupaeo is going to be there even though he isn't hosting right?

The 1st Year the begging IKMV won with Otsu as second and Stars as 3rd (?)
The 1st Annivesary: I got 3rd Place Aru got 1st and Stars got 2nd.
What's going to happen this year I can't wait.
Correct, unless he scared to lose his Beypoint haha i know he have to be in for HMS.

So Billy you have to participate in HMS haha ill provide you the common 3 HMS to start.
I will be there - shaking boots and all! LOL
Aru no ducking allowed Smile you gotta join Zero G Tongue_out just kidding.
Waahoo! Sonikku is there...MFB
Aww man! I won't be able to make it this month, Vacation is one week AFTER this, but I might be able to head back down in April Smile !
Zoroark is back?! Shame your missing this Crying
Well I'm coming who is that *Billy* guy on the list lol just kidding.
Since HMS are willing to be lent then sure I will participate if they aren't heavy time constraints which I heavily doubt.

Confirm me for HMS
Oh there not it like about 1 hour straight tournament and done
Put me on the confirmed list for both
Updated Roster. Added Special Event for who's coming to Beyday in May. Good Luck guys!
not gonna be there again.....
basketball tourney in VA
I would come I wasn't the big man of the team...
That's saddening AJ ):

Hey Galaxy do you think Blackizard (Jon) *if I remembered his new username right* will be coming? It would be great to get some more the first or 2nds or whatever just near original bladers to come. We should be able to make 8 people right lol. Where did all the MD Bladers go D:
Lol if were still stuck with less then 15 bladers im calling Block Round robin lol
i wish there was one in or near dundalk like towson you guys would have tons of awesome bladers
I would like to confirm for the MFB Tournament.
Maybe for both. Will you be using your stadiums or is Aru lending you his? Also, will you still be selling at the event?
Hes going to be there selling things too. Yes we will be using his stadiums.
Blackizard is coming. ....>Smile can't wait!
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