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Full Version: Super Smash Flash 2
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Super Smash Flash 2 is a flash game that shares many characters, stages and game mechanics from the Super Smash Bros. series, but has multiple Third-Party and Anime Characters added to the game.

Click here to play it in it's most recent state.


The game has recently been updated into it's ninth state, which includes added characters, stages, and multiple other details to the game.

So don't be shy. If you've played it, post!
Oh I just love this game. I really enjoy playing as Goku. I also think Naruto's taunt in this game is weird, hah. I really think they should add Superman.
This game still isn't finished? o.O

I remember looking at it five years ago when it was hasn't it been finished yet? o.o
I really think Goku is over powered. Especially in Super Saiyen form.
This game is the best! Its great for people who don't have a wii, and can't play Super Smash Bros Brawl. Goku and Black Mage have to be my favourite so far.
Isn't Mario in Super Mario Bros? It says he is in Donkey Kong. That is true, but shouldn't you put what game the character is famous for? I'm just saying.
I kinda wish that there was a story mode. :\
Already played before posted. play as kirby. I beat everyone. Joyful_2
Gotta love how they pulled off Tails and the ToS and Bomberman stages are great (Sand Ocean isn't bad either) but what happened to the Temple of Time? ToT
I been playing since 0.6a( I think) and I have to say, I love this game. By far, my favourite characters are Meta-Knight, Black Mage, Naruto and Ichigo.
I played this yesterday, and it was pretty fun. I kind of suck at it, but my best character is Naruto. I also like using Goku.
This is my favored flash game of all time. I really like brawl better but this is what I do when my sister is hogging the wii.

my best characters

3.Black Mage
5.Mega Man
I'm getting good with Ichigo, and his Getsuga Tenshou is epic. Him and Goku are probably my best characters now. I love that bankai Ichigo, it's amazing. The stages are all pretty cool as well. My favorites are Meteo Voyage, Gangplank Galleon, Nintendo 3DS, and Hidden Leaf Village. The Nintendo 3DS stage is crazy, I still need to get the hang of it, haha.
Man, I'm surprised that this has gotten so popular since I posted it.
@~Mana~: Not finished yet, luckily.
: I tried to put the game that they were in first, not their most popular.
: It's been confirmed that they'll actually make a story mode.
: What "everyone" is this?
: They just added Meta-Knight in v09, I think.
: Cool!
's Master: I like this game too, if you haven't guessed.

Does anyone else have trouble configuring the C-Stick to a keyboard?
personally, i prefer v0.8 over v0.9
v0.9 just is lacking in feel that v0.8 had, and some of my favorite characters to play, have been changed to be no longer as enjoyable to me

also, metaknight's hit box is so small, it is hard to hit with samus (also, the mega buster is better then the arm cannon last i tried them out against each other)
my favorite characters to play where goku, and naruto (though i played a very mean link and black mage). and i was actually one of, if not the best, in my school at ssf2
I've always thought (Since around v08 came out) that they should add an online multiplayer feature and maybe Crono, Shadow, Lucas, Claus, Wolf, Falco and Mewtwo.
Sorry to revive this thread, but I liked the the game until my friend was cheap and slammed down my character when I was in the air
(May. 26, 2014  3:40 PM)Pokemo Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry to revive this thread, but I liked the the game until my friend was cheap and slammed down my character when I was in the air
That's what makes you not like a game?
(May. 28, 2014  10:50 PM)AkioEPC Wrote: [ -> ]
(May. 26, 2014  3:40 PM)Pokemo Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry to revive this thread, but I liked the the game until my friend was cheap and slammed down my character when I was in the air
That's what makes you not like a game?
Well, I still like it, but now I practice it alot and Im now addicted to it again... humph
that game is amazing im happy so many people play it though its been a while since i played it and man they take a while to update
play this whenever I get bored and don't have access to my wii for some Project M goodness. I've gotten pretty good if I say so myself, my main is Black Mage and I have a pocket Mega Man and Lloyd.

also jigglypuff is so OP why would you even consider increasing the size of the rest hitbox
My best guy is Naruto and I play it almost every day when everything gets boring
Exciting news! An update from McLeodGaming Direct
I've been playing ssf2 v0.9b for a while now and I can say that everything is well for me except online. Online is fun, don't get me wrong, but there are some players who just ruin it.

I met this Zelda user who used cheap tactics. From a distance, she would spam her side-special. Whenever I got close, she would attack and/or up-special her way out and retreat to a safer area of the stage to continue her endless barrage of side-specials. The cycle continued as follows.

It took about 1-3 mins just for one of us to lose a stock.

It may sound manageable, but it really isn't.