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Full Version: D:D Discussion
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D:D is pretty good in Zero-G. It is able to do decent against everything right spin, but isn't spectacular against any type.

MSF Gryph Gryph D:D(S Mode) vs MSF-L Balro Pegais SA165(Zero-G Attack Mode)GCF
Gryph: 16 Wins(8 OS, 5 KO, 3 0GKO)
Pegasis: 4 Wins(3 KO,1 OS)
1 Tie
Gryph Win Rate: 80%

MSF Gryph Gryph D:D(F Mode) vs Phantom Bull B:D
Gryph: 11 Wins(8 KO, 3 0GKO)
Phantom: 9 Wins(5 OS, 4 KO)
Gryph Win Rate: 55%

MSF Gryph Gryph D:D(F Mode) vs Killerken Dragooon B:D
Gryph: 2 Wins(1 KO, 1 OS)
Dragooon: 18 Wins(11 OS, 7 KO)
8 Ties
Gryph Win Rate: 10%
I have absolutely no clue how it got 8 ties and 1 OS against Dragooon B:D...

MSF Gryph Gryph D:D(WB Mode) vs MSF Revizer Revizer E230 SB
Gryph: 8 Wins(7 OS, 1 KO)
Revizer: 12 Wins(All OS)
2 Ties
Gryph Win Rate: 40%

This depended on whether Gryph could destabilize E230 or not.
Nice tests but in the last test you did it looked like it does not do that well against tall tracks am I right ?
No. Gryph just doesn't have much stamina. On Duo it would have won that match, but then it would've lost to BGrin.
Good, ill probably do some test
Nice tests ShinobuXD! I will probably have some tests later on. I was expecting DGrin to have some potential.