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Full Version: F:S Discussion
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So I recently picked up the Hyper-Strike Battle Set, and so I decided to test F:S. Here we go.

Standard Procedure
BBG-03 Zero-G Attack Type Stadium
Hasbro Launcher Grip
Mars Red Beylauncher L/R
Launcher Rubber
Grip Rubber

Versus Attack (Click to View)
Versus Defense (Click to View)
Versus Stamina (Click to View)
Versus Spin Equalizer (Click to View)
Final Remarks
F:S is only a mediocre part. In my tests, it only did well in a couple places, and where I thought it would do best, against RD B:D, it failed. So yeah, there are better parts.
Oh my. I was about to make a thread on this. XD FConfused seems pretty decent. I tried Variares FConfused vs Synchrome BGrin, and it did pretty good. I know Synchrome BGrin really isn't a huge threat, but still. I will try to post tests later on.
FConfused Will Kinda Do good WithLeft spin... Try Killerken Dragooon FConfused
No it will not. It has horrible LAD and won't be able to 0GKO right spin, so what is the point of it on Dragooon? It will get OS'd by anything.

@*Ginga* Why did you think it would do good against left spin?

Great tests though!
Well, mostly the idea of it: it sways around the left spin bey for a while, then as the left spin bey's stamina is almost gone, it becomes still, with lots of RPM left. But I'd didn't, hah.
Um. It seems to be doing well in all categories, haha. Is your FConfused broken in? Does it scrape?
Only BD145 scrapes too much and if f:s is broken, like any other part, becomeis illegal and useless for testing
(Feb. 27, 2013  2:49 PM)Rush Wrote: [ -> ]Um. It seems to be doing well in all categories, haha. Is your FConfused broken in? Does it scrape?

not exactly sure what you mean by "broken in". It was the first real time I had used it, if that is what you were asking ...

It scraped a couple times, but not too much.