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Full Version: Face Contest: Design a Zero-G Cerberus Beyblade - RESULTS!
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Hello again World Bladers!

The Committee has finally come to an agreement on the winners!

We got over 50 entries in this Face Contest, especially with the added incentive of the Scavenger Hunt!

A lot of them were awesome, but we had a few criteria, what with Zero-G being very unique:
  • Originality was of course an obvious requirement, as well as balance, like in all good Face Contests!
  • Realism was also asked, in both senses of the word: firstly, you really had to fuel what the creator, TAKARA-TOMY, would really release; secondly, these Beyblades are mostly made of metal, so having blades sticking out of every square centimetre unfortunatley wouldn't fare well in real life and would get even TAKARA-TOMY several lawsuits!
  • Respecting the concept of Zero-G was also important, which means that you had follow the nomenclature and of course the basic structure of Zero-G Beyblades: Stone Face - Chrome Wheel - Crystal Wheel - Track - Bottom. 4D Bottoms were acceptable though, to a certain extent;
  • Finally, we were obviously looking for a Zero-G Cerberus-themed Beyblade, in memory of the plastic Beyblade Burning Kerberous, so that required that a minimum of features had to be incarnated.

Still, you all did fairly well, so it was a tough decision! There's a lot of talent here, and not only in Beyblading!

Let's remind you all of the prizes:

There are three winners, and all of them will be able to choose one of these cool Face Boosters:

On top of that, the top top winner of this drawing contest receives an actual Burning Kerberous, as well as the Zero-G Beyblade of their choice! Woo!

The secondary winners of a Face Booster are...



... N0body!



... Benjohadi! This isn't your first win in a Face Contest, you're on a roll!

Now, for the big winner...




... Morsoe! Your entry really represented the essence of Zero-G Beyblades the best, and your design was so much like what TAKARA-TOMY would really come up with and release! Congrats! You can send your shipping address to Kei, and he'll reply to you as soon as he can. Make sure to tell him which Zero-G Beyblade you want too!

For the Face Booster selection, you three can post your choices right here.

Again, congratulations and good work to everyone, it's really not because you didn't win anything here that your design wasn't good, so please, don't cry!
Congratulations to everyone and to the three winners! I've seen lots of good projects Grin
Congratulations to all the winners! They all truly deserved it. I didn't win but oh well, there is always next time. Thanks for the news too Kai-V!
hopefully there will be a next time, it's a shame as I thought I did well enough to win, but enough of my moping! Congratulations to everyone who won and I think it was a brilliant idea.
Congratz to the winners!

I'll try my hand in the next one, hah Grin
congrats to the winners.. i am happy N0body won.
congrats guys!
Congratulations guys! I only really saw Benjohadi's entry, and it was fantastic, so the others must've been fabulous as well! Smile
Congratulations, guys! From what I can see, those were seriously amazing designs! Grin
Congratulations Smile
Congratulations Morsoe!!!
I missed out of a chance of winning because of the nomenclature of Zero-G beys-what I did was re-incarnate Kerberous the same way,but with that extra orb kinda thing
Well,bring on the next face contest
P.S.-I'm starting to like these face contests-they test your talent and you can win without Luck(not the user).
I think we should have one every month.
maybe a Dragoon re-incarnation Kai-V?
Sounds good in my opinion
Congratulations to the winners, your entries were really cool !
Congratulations to all the winners! Those entries looked very cool! I am now extremely tempted to participate in the next one.
Congratulations to N0body, Benjohadi and Morsoe! Your entries really did look like a Zero-G version of Cerberus, haha. Nice job! Hope to see you guys design for Takara-Tomy ! Pegasis_Wink

I think I might need to take drawing lessons in order to place next time, ha.
Nice job N0body, Banjohadi and the big winner Morsoe. You all did great. Hopefully there will be more contests like this soon since I would like to see more of your work.
Congratulation to the winners! Joyful_2
Congrats to N0body, Bejohadi, and Morsoe! You guys all did great!
Congrats to Morsoe, Benjohadi, and N0body!
Congratulations to all winners !

I hope there will be another Face Contest soon =D Maybe design a WBO bey next time? Hahaha
Thanks for the congrats guys.. Eee
congrats as well to the other winners.. you guys did well, the rest are not bad..younguys surely give some challenges..looking forward more design face contest in future.. Confused

P/S:i like green so much, so i'll take face booster green.. Grin
Congratulations to the winners ! Your designs were impeccable.
Bravo, guys! There were many great entries but yours just stood out and reached the top! Congratulations!
Congratulations to the winners!
Congrats to the winners, though I was expecting someone else to win...
Congrats guys! Ben's really stood out to me, lol. Good job!
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