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Full Version: Plastic combo
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i just wanted to know how well this beyblade will fare against other plastics. Hyugga neji made it for me in the "Build Me A Combo" thread.

AR: Triple Claw
WD: 10-Wide
SG: Neo-Right (Vortex Ape)
BB: SG Flat
Out of everything you gave me, that would be your best Smash Attack combo; however, it can be improved by replacing 10-Wide with Wide Defense, getting HMC and using SG Metal Flat 2 or Storm Grip, or using Dragoon Grip Attacker's base if you have any of those parts.
Yea, Hyuuga pretty much covered it in the other topic. Only other blade that would perform well was an Uncustomized Vortex Ape, but I would stick with this unless you are able to acquire other parts.