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Full Version: Feeling Nostalgic.....
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So there I was, going through my old comics and magazines, when I came across some Beyblade magazines. While I ignored them at first, after a while I started looking through them, and remembered how much of a fan I was of Beyblading.

So, basically, it's my first time here, and I just wanna know. What's the Beyblading scene like these days? I remember about a year after the craze hit that me and two friends were like the only ones who were still into it in my area.
in my area, its not popular at all, me and my freinds are the only ones that play, but because of the new toyline and anime, its gonna be revived, in japan, it already is, and well, there are still TONS of people that play. (just look at this forum xD)
Yeah, once it comes to more countries it will begin to get popular again. Currently in Japan, beyblades are sold out everywhere. I suppose it's very popular there right now. I'm sure it will do great again when MFB get here.
pretty dead in america unless you decide to stumble upon this website and get really pumped about it again
How sad am i... i found a box full of old "Chatterboxs" with the names of beyblade characters on the front (instead of colours and other stuff) and interesting writing under the front. Pinching_eyes_2 I must have been bored then. Haha. And i also found DMAGs, K-ZONES etc of any Beyblade info inside. this was while i was cleaning my room; for once. Joyful_2 i used to be such a fan of beyblades and it was fun to play at school i hope that happens when MFB is shown in Adelaide. XD maybe not at school.. but anywhere really. Smile
when Beyblade: Metal Fusion comes out next fall.

I swear. They better have a lot of promotion and stuff, like, when the plastics came out in my area, people used to meet at out local park, and just play , everone was into it,

i hope that happens again with MFB.
First of all welcome to WBO!
And yeah I do miss having other Beyblader's to fight with! I hope Beyblade comes back so I can teach my cousins all my old tricks but really I think that im far to old to go back to it as no one even close to my age would want to battle these days.
The new system is really gonna change the blading scene as is (duh), so as dead as it might look, Bey is at the pokemon centre.

We do have tourneys that u and yer buddy could attend.