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Full Version: Reworking on the HMS Boosters article.
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Since I bought a Beyblade Fukubako 2004 and that I have its box too, not only did it seem weird that Beywiki had no separate article for it, but that the HMS Boosters article is where all the information was and that it was not completely accurate at all.

What I have changed :

- These sets are called "Beyblade Fukubako 2004/2005". Writing "Fukubako Lucky Box" or even "Fukubako Box" is absolutely repetitive. Furthermore, "HMS" is not included in the name at all.

- The article made no mention at all about the launcher they include, which in theory sets them apart from "Boosters". Therefore, I elaborated on that so that it is now acceptable to keep everything on the "HMS Boosters" page.

- The Dark Leopard MS article had no mention at all of its recolours ...

- I will soon add a photograph of Beyblade Fukubako 2004 to the article. Does anyone own a Beyblade Fukubako 2005 package to also take one there ?

- I fixed all the redirects concerning this.

- I separated the dual recolours because it could otherwise be understood as one recolour being painted in two different colours ...

Should separate pages actually be done for each of those at this point ? The HMS Random Boosters each have one despite most of the information also appearing on the HMS Boosters page.

On that topic, a page should really be made about the GS series (Gimmick Speciality), as simple as it is. Apparently Beyblade Fukubako 2005 is comprised of only GS-series Beyblades.
They were two very different boosters, with different contents. If each Act can get an article, these should have separate articles definitely.

Sadly, I don't own any HMS Random Booster boxes other than Act 2, which came with my purple Einstein and Sea Dragon w/ CWD Defense Ring from 3-Dog. I can still try to help with the HMS articles even though most of them are done since I have a working knowledge of HMS at least.
It does seem like it, yes ...

You can still help, because the fuschia Einstein is not pictured on Beywiki at the moment.
Alright, I'll try to take some pictures of my Einstein then since it's in perfect condition.
I think that I might have a Fukubako 2005 somewhere... have to look for the package.

EDIT: Found it along with an RBA 3.

Taking a photograph now...

Not sure if it is good enough but....
Great, thank you. The box is slightly damaged, but unless someone has one in a better condition, it will have to do.

Could you also take quick pictures of the sides, or tell me which colours the Dual Shooters come in, along with the Customize Cases' too ?
Well, the thing is that it had already been opened when I bought it.
So, I don't know what Dual Shooter was in it, or about the Customize Case.

I'll upload the other pictures tomorrow.
What I am asking for should be shown on one of the sides of the box ...
Interesting. Didn't even know they came with launchers.
Hm, actually the Fukubako 2005 box seems to say "Booster", not "Starter Set" ... Could it just be the 2004 that is a Starter Set ?
Could be:

This page says that the first one has a launcher but doesn't say it for the second.
That is very odd, like only the 2003 and 2005 editions did not have a launcher ...
For each though when they did release them with a launcher it seems that they always released a special launcher and not just a normal one (except for the first one)
I'm like, 80% sure the 2005 set neither came with a Launcher or a Case. I know that's not exactly convincing so I'll try and find the box I have somewhere.
(Dec. 18, 2012  9:11 PM)Ultra Wrote: [ -> ]For each though when they did release them with a launcher it seems that they always released a special launcher and not just a normal one (except for the first one)

When you talk about "the first one", are you referring to the very first Fukubako edition, or the 2004 edition ? Because is the Dual Shooter not common ?
Yes the very first fukobako edition from 2000. By special I mean a different colour. The one from the 2002 Fukobako was special too.
I can confirm that there was no launcher or Case: