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Full Version: wolborg ms worth buying?
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i have always loved wolborg ms ive only used it once when my friend let me use it but ever since then i wanted one it is probably my favorite blade ive ever played with but since there are mfb though importing is a major pain would it be worth buying wolborg ms when i could import mfb although i would have to wait a month or two for mfb at least
(or if anyone in the uk wants to sell a wolborg ms ill buy it)

oh and its my 16th birthday now its 00:56 and i was born august 12 and 1 second past midnight (so close to august 11th) so wish me a happy birthday
Happy Birthday.

If you really want Wolborg MS, we aren't going to stop you from getting it. It's one of the best HMS blades released.
It depends on your budget and your will, really ...

If you read the Wolborg MS article, you would see that it is indeed a good beyblade that would be worth buying. However, considering that Metal Fight Beyblade is actually in production and that a lot of the upcoming tournaments, official or not, that will be organized in the future will probably revolve around Metal Fight Beyblades only, it might be a good idea to get some. Moreover, again taking into account that one series is out of production while the other is on-going and quite new, Wolborg MS might end up costing a considerable amount of money since it is, in a sense, becoming extinct; I do not really check the prices of Wolborg MS beyblades though, but I suppose it is that case for most old beyblades.

Also, you should use the Purchase Consultation topic for this kind of question, instead of making threads.

Hopefully that answers your question.