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Full Version: Anyone you know in real life remind you of Beyblade Characters?
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As the title says is there anyone you know in real life who remind you of Beyblade characters?

I'd say I act like Tyson I joke around a lot, like to eat, like wearing red, love Beyblade and sometimes I can be as arrogant as him!

One of my close Friends reminds me of Ray he's quite calm and happy and likes the Yin and Yang symbol.

Another one of my close friends is like Max Blonde hair, Blue Eyes and generaly a friendly person although he sometimes gets worked up when playing games

My cousin reminds me of Daichi because he's funny, sometimes annoying and wants to defeat me when we're Beyblading (He's only beaten me a few times Grin)

Another one of my friends reminds me of Tetsuya he's always making weird hand symbols and has messy hair like him xD

And another one of my friends reminds me of Dunga as he's talll and gets kind of aggressive

That's about all I can think of for now I'll add to it later when I can think of more
My cousin reminds me of Masemune he is very pesky and won't leave me alone until he beats me at something Tongue_out
There's annoying devil-in-disguise sort of girl named Jessica at my church who reminds me exactly of Masamune. :\ And my little sister acts a lot like Kenta. Cute She's so adorable.
even though i like personality is alot like Tsubasa
I have a close friend that reminds me of johanes he talks about cats (he has a cat). He also talks in a lowish voice and says "scratch ya later". He uses beat lynx as well.

I kind of remind my self of chris in a way well I sneak up on my cat like friend and launch my bey when he is practicing and I'm quite calm some times. Or some other times I get mad with my power. Most other times ofmy life I'm like king saying wicked a lot when I'm pumpued (not just pumped in beyblade battles).
I'm a combo of Johannes, Sora, Ryuga, and Tsubasa. I'm calm and cool, but also LOVE having a time! I'm also a cat person, and a heartless powerhouse who, at times, badasses EVERYTHING.

My little brother is Yu and Masamune. Loud, stubborn, uses Libra, and ANNOYING AS HELL.
I believe I am like a more vicious Ryuga at times. But I can also be calm and mellow like Tsubasa.
I remind myself of Ryuga. I sit back and watch my beys win battles with no doubt at all. And i'm also really confident that i'll win all the time. Though that can be my downfall.
I am alot like Tsubasa. And my rival is exactly like Masemune, one time at a toysrus tournament, when i won in the finals against him, he chased me all through out the dam store for a rematch....
Hey thanks for the replies guys! I have a friend who acts like Tsubasa in terms of being calm for the majority of the time he's also very athletic!
He sounds like a type of Hyoma to me...
(Dec. 16, 2012  12:56 PM)Viridi Lover Wrote: [ -> ]He sounds like a type of Hyoma to me...

I guess you could say that but he strikes me more as Tsubasa
My friend says i remind him of max. My hair is dusty blonde, i have blue eyes, and im friendly. I dont like mustard though.
A few of my friends told me that my personality is a lot like KYOYA
I said who is KYOYA
They got me to start watching beyblade

I have a friend who is very much like masamune and another one who is a lot like Nile
A lot of friends tell me I look like either Ginga or Zero.... I have a friend that looks like Benkei... (mentally and physically XD)
everyone says im an exact replica or real life tsubasa i even look like him when he has short hair just i have black hair not gray
Everyone says im Masamune becasue im really out going, i claim in the number 1 blader, pandas are awesome, my fav beyblADE Has been Ray unicorno on 2011 christmas eve, and now its blitz uniconro from last summer. My bro Natural on the Wbo is called Ginga he loves Pegasus very Bey sprited kid also. but to clear thsi all out everyone calles Me Masamune or Masa for short Tongue_out
I think I'm a little like Madoka because I'm a girl, my personality is a little like hers, and I know people that are good bladers but I'm not the best myself. Also, I like checking beys for spots and scratches.
I'm a bit like Gingka and Zero. I love Beyblade and Pegasus, I like burgers and I hate losing. I also like blue.
My brother reminds me a lot of Benkei. He's a larger guy and loves to eat burgers and wings and stuff like that. I don't know who I act like, maybe A mixture between King and Tsubassa, I'm not really sure how to explain it.
Thanks for the replies guys! It seems we're getting alot of Masamunes in real life Tongue_out, when I'm in a bad mood I act like Kai or Kyoya just silent and ignoring people and sometimes I leave without telling people where I'm going
Yuu reminds me of my sister.She is hyper most of the time like Yuu.
My group of friends remind me of the old Beyblade gang each to their own personality
(Dec. 19, 2012  4:34 PM)BeybladePants11 Wrote: [ -> ]Yuu reminds me of my sister.She is hyper most of the time like Yuu.
Ha! EXACTLY like my little brother. Btw, what character would YOU be?

I would be a little of MASAMUNA and a little of GINGKA and a a lot of TSUBASA and being hyper is good !!!!!! and my friend reminds me of tutsuya
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