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Full Version: Variares: Attack or Defense? Useful or Useless?
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Hey WBO, I'd like to discuss about the 4D TakaraTomy-brand fusion wheel: Variares. Now, I've heard that since Variares can produce so much recoil, that it is perfect for attack, which I can see. The wall-like quality it has also produces a hard-hitting collision if reaches high speed and collides with the opposing bey. But that heavy wall-like quality can be manipulated into defensive purposes. As usual defense fusion wheels are, like Twisted for example, Variares is heavy enough to withstand hard hits and keep its ground. It being a wide wall and non-hallow also gives it the defensive purposes. The only problem that can sometimes occur is since it can perform both defense and attack, the recoil and the weight give off huge pressure inside, building up a powerful blast of energy and force that could damage both its opponent and itself. Unless you use defensive and stamina tracks/tips it will keep it more under control in defense. If you want attack, it has to stay in low height and a fast but balanced and stabolized tip.

As we all know, any bey that can spin left and right is best on left. Under some cases, it can appear that Variares is more stabel spinning left. Tests show if it spins right, and with a pretty speedy tip, it will cause an explosion of chaos, but use up all its energy. If in a stabelized defense combo and left rotation, Variares can defende against attack beys pretty well. But whether attack or defense, the defensive purposes it has will be countered by right defense beys, and cause it to be outspoun by usually between 3-5 spins. This is from the known fact that left defense doesn't always overcome right defense. I've been trying to find the right combo in defensive mode that can withstand both attack and right defense. Some have been partially successful.
This thread is not needed. This stuff has already been discussed.
Oh, ok then. I didn't know. I still think I've proven my points. Tongue_out
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