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Full Version: Plastics and HMS for sale
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Hey guys, I'm selling the ALL of my plastic/HMS collection bar a few of my favourites. All of them are mint Takara or Sono Kong unless stated otherwise. The condition of the blades will be visible in the photos. Prices in USD have been added to the blades except for a select few. Please let me know if I have made a booboo.

Pictures of the remaining Dragoon MS (blue, red, orange), DGMSUV (2 white, 1 white custom stickers by roux, 1 proto grey), Slash riger NIP blue and Samurai Changer NIP Black will be uploaded as soon as I find the time in my busy timetable. All of these beys are in absolutely mint condition, rest assured, but photos will be uploaded soon. In the meantime, I am happy to take offers. As always, don't forget to include shipping.


I'm planning to ship internationally and I will be using Australia Post approved Registered International prepaid padded bags that will be purchased from them. Please allow 2-3 days handling time, but in the case of a weekday I will try to ship next day. Shipping outside Australia is $20 and within Australia is $10.


Dark Draciel - $30
Dark Dranzer - $30
Death Gargoyle (Slightly damaged AR) - $30
Draciel F - $8
Draciel G (Sono Kong) - $7
Draciel G - $5
Draciel V - $12
Draciel V2 - $20
Dragoon F - $10
Dragoon G (Damaged stickers) - $5
Dragoon G (EG Not Working) - $5
Dragoon G - $10
Dragoon G (NIB) - $18
Dragoon GT - $85
Dragoon S (Gold Sono Kong) - $10
Dragoon V (Silver Recolour, stickers feel like they were made with poor adhesive) - $15
Dragoon V - $15
Dragoon V2 (Mint) - $30
Dragoon V2 (Less Mint) - $25
Dranzer F (Red Recolour) - $15
Dranzer G (Sono Kong) - $15
Dranzer G (Damaged stickers) - $10
Dranzer S (Gold Sono Kong) - $10
Dranzer V (Stickers originally very loose especially on the base, might fall off, no matter how good it looks in the photo, probably end up with less stickers as it goes) - $12
Dranzer V2 - $20
Driger G (Sono Kong) - $10
Flash Leopard 2 - $15
Gabriel (Silver) - $65
Gaia Dragoon (Metallic Blue) - $60
Gaia Dragoon V - $15
Gaia Dragoon V (Used) - $12
Galeon (Translucent Grey) - $20
Galman - $10
Galzzly (Translucent Red) - $10
Griffolyon (Mint but stickers loose. Comes with the Griffolyon figure as well) - $5
Griffolyon (Comes with Griffolyon Figure) - $5
Griffolyon (Black NIB) - OFFER
Hayate (Comes with Hayate Figure) - $10
Knight Driger - $15
Master Dragoon MINT - $7
Master Dragoon (Damaged stickers) -$5
Master Dranzer (Stickers feel loose, may lose some along the way) - $10
Master Driger (No bit chip, but i can put a random one in if you'd like, also damaged stickers) - $3
Master Turtle/Draciel - $6
Metal Dranzer (Yellow) - $10
Metal Driger x2 - $8 each
Raiden (Comes with Raiden Figure) - $10
Rock Bison - $8
Salamalyon (Comes with Salamalyon Figure) - $5
Seaborg (Damaged stickers) - $5
Trygator (Black) - $80
Wolborg 2 (Gold, one part of the AR chipped) - $20
Wolborg 4 - $10


Advance Averazer - $25
Death Gargoyle MS (Red) + Sea Dragon RC NIP - $45
Draciel MS x2 - $5 each
Draciel MS (NIB Sono Kong) - $8
Draciel MS (Proto Grey) NIB - $25
Driger MS (Light Grey) - $20
Driger MS (Hasbro) - $5
Driger MS - $5
Einstein MS (Damaged stickers) - $10
Gaia Dragoon MS - $5
Gaia Dragoon MS (Yellow, damaged stickers) - $10


EZ Grip (Blue) - $15
Catapult Launcher (Gold) - $15
Sniper Grip (2 Green, 1 Black) - $5 each
Spring Launcher x2 - $5 each
Unidentified Grip x2 - $2 each
HMS Neo Grip - $45


1. PM only if you have the money available (please send in USD), I will be unable to hold the item for you.
2. I accept Paypal ONLY, so please don't ask if I take cash by mail or direct transfers.
3. I take no responsibility for those items lost in the mail.
I would like many of the HMS there but no paypa. Unhappy
I received my package today.. They're all in good conditions & as described in the previous messages.. Excellent seller 👍 Looking foward for the next purchase.. Thank you!
Hmm... is there any chance you could put a specific price on some of the cheaper beys? I just got into plastics, so I could lowball you a lot by offering $25 for something worth $100 without even knowing it.
Pm sent. Smile
I would have loved to buy something Joyful_3; I just have no idea how to offer. Not a strong point on my part...
Good luck! And I will try my best to figure out an offer for some of them <3
I believe I have replied in PMs to takamara and ShinobuXD, sorry for the slow responses to you guys btw.

Also responded to your PM, Ginga

Thankyou Mtwo for the kind words and I hope you enjoy those beyblades : )
So you have not sold any of the Phantom Fox MS yet ?
Thats a really nice lot! Grin but unfrtunately i have no money on me right now
The Black Dragoon MS is epic and I love it!
-V, I have not sold any of the Phantom Fox MS yet I believe.

, Thanks! Your offers are welcome when you do get money : )

, That's good to know, it's a beautiful beyblade!
This guy deserves a lot more good reviews than what he currently has in this topic. His items are really good, he is patient and can negotiate, and it shipped quite fast considering the distance. Do not worry about the tracking number, it indeed only started working for me once my order arrived in Canada.
I would like one Draciel MS Proto Grey Version, please. PM sent!
would you include a launcher/shooter if I bought 2 of your items?
I got my blade by the way! Thanks very much Smile easy + trustworthy seller!
Martensitic: Apologies for the delays xD but thankyou for the kind words : )

Bahamdia Master: If you ask me to include some and remind me I'll include a few for you : )
PM sent Smile
huge update
bump, still no offer
Lime Green MSUV now on auction
Come on guys! I'm looking for much more than just $50 =(
You can only bump a thread once every 48 hours.
Quite interested, PM sent.

(Feb. 19, 2014  12:48 PM)*Ginga* Wrote: [ -> ]You can only bump a thread once every 48 hours.
Ginga is right; when you have to give some news edit the previous post if 48 hours hasn't passed out.
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