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Full Version: NIB Limited Edition Dragoon V2 "Gunmeta Ver."
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Selling NIB Black Dragoon V2

Check eBay link for the Black Dragoon V2 listing starting at a LOW £24.

Zeus has been sold.

Hey guys,

I'm back here to sell to you a NIB Limited Edition Black Dragoon V2/Gun metal Version that's fresh from the factory. It's all there, including the Jap version of Beyblade V-force for the Gamecube. I've only opened it to clarify the contents and grab some photos of exactly whats inside.
You can see for yourself what you'll be getting, however if you wanna see more pictures then do let me know Smile


- PM me offers

- Payments shall be made through Paypal, cause that's safer.

- I'd prefer to send it through Recorded Delivery as I don't want them to get lost in the post, and of course, neither would you.

- P.S. Let me know what country/state/planet you live in on so I can grab a postage quote.

Onto the pictures

Black Dragoon V2
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you have any hms beys for sale?
Unfortunately no, not at the moment at least. I may turn this into a bigger selling thread in the future

P.S. One Dragoon V2 has been sold. The last one dons the MC WD
Can I buy beyblades using Western Union
Hey BeylordGT

Sorry I havn't update the OP in a while, I'll do that right away, but unfortunately I have sold both of the Dragoon V2s.

However I will most probably have a NIB Limited Edition Black Dragoon V2 ready to sell soon.
Thanks for information.
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Got any spare parts?
Recieved my gift in 10 days.
Friendly and good communication Smile
Thank you