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Full Version: The theming topic
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OK, first off, is this aloud to be discussed here?
If so, then I am currently using Aero VG theme for vista, check it out.
Also, check out and for more themes, most others are just copied from those sites.

NOTICE: Installing most themes requires patching your .dll files. Make sure you follow the appropriate instructions. So, I think thats it.
Windows Zune Theme for XP:
[Image: windows_zune_theme.jpg]

Download Link:

More Info:

Remember Kids, Google Is your Friend!
Microsoft themes DO NOT NEED YOU TO PATCH SYSTEM FILES, so you know.
I'm too behind the times to know much about custom themes. I just set my computer to the Windows Classic appearance then change all the colours and whatever to suit my desktop. Oh but I think the actual 'theme' is set to 'nature' seing as my cursor is a leaf and certain tasks make odd animal sounds.....:X So a custom theme I guess.
lol. "certain tasks make odd animal sounds". I lol'd so hard there.
I have a Vista With ObjectDock and Objectbar.

Stardock has such great stuff... I got a mix of vista and leopard
[Image: Capture-11.jpg]

go to
I hate the way objectbar has a stardock sign for the mac logo

beware though! I went to themes... then changed the theme back to classic and tried to switch back to this again and neither this nor vista was there! SO now Im stuck with classic theme Unhappy
You need to patch your files to use themes.
ughhh. Can't switch back to my old theme for some reason :\

EDIT: Jsc, the same thing happened to me (not with the same themes though).
Try googling for what to do? Search something like, uuhh, windows xp themes gone or something, it should come with some articles about people who did the same thing and found solutions. ^^
Yeah I have googled it and found answers but I dont UNDERSTAND THEEMM
PM me the link - I and the community might be able to help (Im not stupid when it comes to pcs)
(Sep. 01, 2009  10:20 PM)Jsc Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah I have googled it and found answers but I dont UNDERSTAND THEEMM

Yeah, shoot me a PM. Have a look round
Just tell us the link and we'll figure it out. ;]
(Sep. 02, 2009  2:14 PM)Medz Wrote: [ -> ]Just tell us the link and we'll figure it out. ;]

PMing will stop the topic getting clutered.
kk Anyway I found this, its not really a theme, but well it is kind of.
Check it out:

Its like a windows vista start menu for the XP, it runs as an application so you can just exit the program and itll be back to normal. Pretty neat.
That looks much better than Vistas start menu XD
xD. Eh personally I like the vista one better. That ones too "big" for me lol.
I hate the Vista Start menu programs, far to big for my tastes.