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Full Version: Windows XP Black?
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Hey I have windows XP, heres my desktop:
[Image: wallpaperd.png]

I was wondering is there anyway I can get XP Black version, like Raikage's?:
[Image: raikaged.png]

Thanks Grin
I think Raikage's using Windows Vista.
Thanks a ton Brad Grin
Annie Duck, it is a Vista design, but I knew you could get it on XP, my friends got it.
If you have XP and want a black theme, just get windows zune.


If you want to know more about it:
Could we turn this into a general theming topic? Also, that is vista, the sidebar icon in the notification area gives it away.
The one I posted isnt vista lol. If you meant the first post then yes. And we should make a XP and Vista themes topic. You start it?
Yeah, I know lol. I used to use the zune theme when I was on XP.
Same here. kgo start a windows xp themes topic. lolo.
Done, though it's just general themes.