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Full Version: Galaxy Pegasis GB145MS Draft
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Galaxy Pegasis GB145MS Draft

Ah... This is mostly just all copy and paste. Overall section help, anyone?
| image = 
| full item name = Galaxy Pegasis GB145MS
| item number = BB-133
| beyblade system = [[Metal Fight Beyblade#Hybrid Wheel System | Hybrid Wheel System]]
| beyblade type = [[Attack]]
| starter or booster = 

'''Note:''' [[TAKARA-TOMY]] first released this version in an exclusive CoroCoro lottery, where very few were seen in reality, while [[Hasbro]] released this version under the name "Black Sun Galaxy Pegasus" in a redemption campaign. At the purchase of three valid Beyblades from Hasbro, residents of the United States of America were able to send in the receipts as well as a redemption form and automatically get the recolour of Galaxy Pegasus until supplies lasted. The campaign went from March 1st 2012 to April 30th 2012. In Hasbro's own words, this recolour released by them is "valued at $4.99." Galaxy Pegasis GB145MS Black Hole Ver. is available in the Mani Limited DVD boxes, and is now more widely available as well.


==Face: Pegasis==
The face on this Beyblade depicts a Pegasus, one of the 88 constellations in space.

==Clear Wheel: Pegasis II==
*'''Weight:''' 3.1 grams
Pegasis II depicts the wings and heads of Pegasis, much like the previous Pegasis Clear Wheel. On each of the wings shows the letters P-E-G-I, short for Pegasis, in a gold color. Generally, Pegasis II is outclassed by better balanced Clear Wheels. In this release, it is black.

==Metal Wheel: Galaxy==
*'''Weight:''' 29.4 grams
Much like Pegasis and Storm, Galaxy's main shape consists of three rounded, wing-like forms intended to depict the wings of Pegasis, and each wing has two separate protrusions. There are four indented separations on each wing, complimented by three curved ridges on the top and five small spikes on the bottom. Each of the undersides are hollow, making Galaxy very light.

Though Galaxy has a very violent appearance, in actual battle it is very restrained; it is unable to deliver a great amount of Smash even at high speeds, primarily because of its light weight and rounded protrusions. As such, Galaxy is easily outclassed by other Attack Wheels of its time and not recommended to be used competitively. In this release, Galaxy is painted gold.

==Track: Gravity Bowl 145==
*'''Weight:''' 4.5 grams
GB145 is a wide, round track featuring two free moving metal balls. These balls move toward the outside of the Track while spinning, causing additional spin retaining force, similar to [[Draciel Metal Ball Defenser]]'s Metal Ball Base from the [[Plastic Beyblade | plastic generation]]. Weighing in at 4.5 grams, GB145 is currently one of the heaviest Tracks available, and as such is useful in [[Defense]] customizations. At release, it was seen by some as inferior to [[Metal Fight Beyblade - Track List#C145: Claw 145 | C145]] due to the lack of energy-absorbing free spinning wings, making it not as effective as against low attackers such as [[Quetzalcoatl 90WF#Wheel: Quetzalcoatl | Quetzalcoatl]] 90RF, which were popular at the time.

Where GB145 does shine is when it is utilized in Defense customizations against high CH120-based Attackers, such as MF [[Lightning L Drago 100HF | Lightning L Drago]] CH120RF. These types of Attackers do not aim to hit the Track, and thus the free spinning wings of C145 are not necessary, and you instead get a significant increase in the overall weight of the customization. However, it has been outclassed for Defense customizations by [[Metal Fight Beyblade - Track List#BD145: Boost Disk 145|BD145]] and [[Metal Fight Beyblade - Track List#TH170: Triple Height 170|TH170]].

===Use in Defense Customization===
GB145 can be utilized in the [[Defense]] customization ''MF-H Basalt/Earth Aquario GB145RS''. The Bull Clear Wheel may also be used as a substitute if Aquario is unavailable.

==Bottom: Metal Sharp==
* '''Weight:''' 1.30 grams
Metal Sharp, as its name implies, is a Sharp tip made of metal, but it is also mounted on a taller base. Its small contact point produces very little friction on the surface of the Stadium floor, even less so than the average Sharp tip. While this quality is useful for [[Survival | Stamina]] type Bottoms, Metal Sharp suffers from the same inherent faults as all Sharp Bottoms, namely the horrible balances issues, which are worsened by the taller height. As such, this part is outclassed.

It should be noted that, due to its namesake properties, Metal Sharp can be very damaging to the stadium floor, especially paired with M145. It should be used with caution. 

==Other Versions==
*'''[[Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F]]''' - BB-70 (Regular)
*'''Galaxy Pegasis W105R²F''' – [[BB-75 Deck Entry Set]] (Turquoise Green)
*'''Galaxy Pegasis W105R²F''' – [[BB-76 Galaxy Pegasis DX Set]] (Clear Ver.)
*'''Galaxy Pegasis W105R²F''' – WBBA 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Prizes (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
*'''Galaxy Pegasis W105R²F''' – BB-92 Booster (Clear Ver.)
*'''Galaxy Pegasis W105R²F''' - Hasbro: Triple Battle Set (Opaque Sky Blue Clear Wheel, Red Metal Wheel)
*'''Galaxy Pegasis W105R²F''' - Faceoff: StarBooster Attack (Dark Red with Blue Details)
*'''Galaxy Pegasis W105R²F'''- Hasbro: Ultimate Gift Set (Opaque Light Blue)

Image:GalaxyPegasisBlackHole1.jpg|Galaxy Pegasis Black Hole Ver. top view
Image:GalaxyPegasisBlackHole2.jpg|Galaxy Pegasis Black Hole Ver. underside view
Image:GalaxyPegasisBlackHole3.jpg|Pegasis II Clear Wheel Black Hole Ver.
Image:GalaxyPegasisBlackHole4.jpg|Galaxy Metal Wheel (gold)
Image:GalaxyPegasisBlackHole5.jpg|Gravity Bowl Track (black)
Image:GalaxyPegasisBlackHole6.jpg|Metal Sharp Bottom (black)

Galaxy Pegasis GB145MS is comprised mostly of outclassed parts, the only remotely useful one being GB145. Therefore, due to its exclusive color and its lack of usefulness competitively, '''there is little to no reason to purchase this Beyblade, other than for collection purposes.'''

[[Category:Metal Fight Beyblade]]
Quote:Galaxy Pegasis GB145MS is comprised mostly of outclassed parts, the only remotely useful one being GB145. Therefore, [b]due to its exclusive color and its lack of usefulness competitively, '''there is little to no reason to purchase this Beyblade, other than for collection purposes.'''

In the note though, it should be written at the beginning that TAKARA-TOMY first released it within a CoroCoro lottery where very few were actually seen in reality.
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