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Full Version: Which Face Looks the best
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i reckon wolf looks the best its def the best graff style
which do you guys think looks the best?
I agree I love Wolf's face!
My second favourite would have to be Pisces. XD
The Face on Gold Quetz is pretty unbelievable. It's a serpent head with it's tongue sicking out.

L Drago (LL Drago)'s Face is really nice too.
aries all the way
Sag's face for me.
I'm a sucker for Aries as well, second up is the gold Quetz, it's pretty frikkin' sweet.
Sagittario & Aries
I prefer Drago's face
i reckon peg they could have looked so much cooler aquairo is pretty sweet too i reckon
Wolf's is really pretty, i'd say it is my favarote. Especialy the Dark Wolf you get from the hybrid wheel match set.
I swear we already had this topic.
(Aug. 08, 2009  12:08 PM)Giga Wrote: [ -> ]I swear we already had this topic.


EDIT: And we were right... there's Best Face So Far? and What face do you use in your main combo?