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Full Version: Poison Fury Showdown Set Draft
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Quote:Poison Fury Showdown Set Draft

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| full item name = Poison Fury Faceoff Set
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| beyblade system = [[Metal Fight Beyblade]]


'''Note:''' This Set is exclusive to [[Hasbro]].

*Poison Pegasis ED145JB (Poison Pegasus ED145JB) (Opaque red Clear Wheel, brown Track, gray Tip)
*Fury Capricorne 100HF (Fury Capricorn 100HF) (Opaque brown Clear Wheel, black Track and Tip)
*Two Ripcord Launchers (Tiffany and brown)

'''Note:''' This Set was released with printed Facebolts in the Metal Masters line.

Only two parts in this Set are useful, and even those parts are slightly outclassed. Poison's Recoil and light weight makes it horrible for [[Attack]] and [[Defense]], and Fury's rounded sides and capability for [[Upwards Smash]] is nullified, due to its extremely lack of weight compared to Synchromes and 4D Metal Wheels. Pegasis and Capricorne can be replaced by balanced Clear Wheels. Furthermore, HF and JB are outclassed for Attack and Defense purposes respectively, due to both of them being made out of plastic. ED145 and 100 are the only remotely useful parts included in this Set. ED145 can be used in Attack customs in [[Zero-G Beyblade | Zero-G Stadiums]] and for spin-stealers, but its usefulness is limited. 100 generally has no problem with scraping, but is outclassed by lower Tracks; it should only be used if 85 and 90 are not available. '''There is little to no reason to purchase this Set other than for collection purposes.'''