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Full Version: Will there be some sort of "battle" between Beyblades and Battle Strikers?
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Okay, this is just something I wanted to get of my chest, so please do not give me any rude comments. I'm asking you, the members of the WBO to give me a date, of when you think the first battle between two people will have, one using a Beyblade, and one using a Battle Striker. Which top do you personaly think would win? Beyblade? Or Battle Striker? If people in your area (city, town etc.) got into Battle Strikers, would you try to prove that Beyblades were better? (I know would Please comment! (No rude comments PLEASE!)
I think you could have just used one of the other topics.

A battle between Beyblade and Battle Striker can happen as early as ... right now, since some beybladers have received or bought some Battle Strikers already ...