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Full Version: WSF Discussion
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TestsEeequipment: Beylauncher LR
Launcher Grip
Zero-G Attack Type Stadium
Procedure: WSF Launched Last
Nice tests. I will be getting an Archer Gargole on Monday so hopefully I can get some testing done.

Could you please state how the WSF combo won so everyone can understand how the part works better.
It would usually brush the other bey once and then circle around it similar to CF but with less speed. From what I've seen, CF is better if you are going for straight sway but WSF is better for a balance of sway and stamina. Against the defense type it just tornado stalled and OS'd it.
Three things:

1. Why would you test against phantom, if this is essentially an attack type combo?

2. IIRC, SA165 is not for defense.

3. How exactly did it "tornado stall"? *Billy* propsed somehing abot tornado stallers to counter Dragooon, could you post a video on how it stalled?
Here is the link:
I would but my Beylauncher broke during testing. I will have a new right Beylauncher today or Monday so I can possibly do it then.
I got my Archer Gargole yesterday and messed around with WSF a little. It's a little bit hard to control (like WF), but not by a huge amount. Bottom line though, it's a lot like WF.
My friend, brother, and I made this video today showing WSF "tornado stalling." Tornado stalling does a lot better with one person than two. Sorry for the terrible camera quality. The Saramanda has WSF and the Revizer has RS.
I have to revive this thread. I completely love WSF for it's awesome ability like GF, to scrape Dragooon BGrin. If you've seen Meow's video, you know what I'm talking about. It seems to only work with SA165 to scrape Dragooon, or any track that's completely round. It also has pretty decent Stamina in terms of the SF Family. I can post test results and a video for it if you want. Against Dragooon, I mean.