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Full Version: My trip to MEGA Brands
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It's 4 AM here in Montreal and I just woke up and am too excited to get back to sleep, so hopefully writing a bit will tire me out!

For those of you who don't know, MEGA Brands has flown me here to their offices to try out Battle Strikers in person and get some feedback from me. After a pretty long flight all I really had time or energy for was dinner, so I went out with Jess -- whom you all know as "ambassador" -- and two other people working on the Battle Strikers product, Craig and Annalisa. Unfortunately I don't have much interesting to say except that everyone was really nice and I had a lot of fun! I do have one story to share that they mentioned to me, though.

Evidently, at a brainstorming session for a limited edition Battle Striker, someone on the team very seriously suggested they release a leopard print Striker. "And we could call it ... Cougar! Little boys love cougars!"

I hope you find this story as infinitely entertaining as I did.

Tomorrow I'll be going to MEGA HQ to play Battle Strikers. They'll be showing me some stuff that I won't be allowed to share with you guys, but whatever I am allowed to share, I'll make sure I do. Smile
Woo, go Brad! come back/good you came back with a lot of info! loled at cougar. Tongue_out (Have you been yet?)
No, it's 6 AM (too excited to sleep), they're coming to get me at around 9:45.
(Aug. 05, 2009  9:21 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]"And we could call it ... Cougar! Little boys love cougars!"

Quote of the Day and quite possibly the year. Wow.

Glad you're having fun, better be ready to give us the low-down on Battle Strikers. I hope the magnet control system is actually good on the "high control" types.
Nice to hear you're having fun.

It is incredibly hard to refrain from making cougar jokes. Tired
i've been up since 4 AM because i am SO PUMPED UP
Are you wired on coffee as well?
no, i haven't had any yet, waiting for breakfast to come to my room

btw this hotel is sweet
which one is itGrin
hilton garden inn
haha i think its the hotel that accepts only credit card right? not sure.
anyways i hope u have a nice experience xD im going to a wal mart after work 2day try to find some xD
u look very excited, kinda makes me nervous for u 2 haha
and i envy u so much, getting confidential info and all
Tired Blahh im jealous.... Not really. Novatel in Adelaide is probably better. Joyful_2
Its great your having fun. Smile
Pumped up, or jet lagged?

It's comforting to know that they're making more tops, I was kind of worried they were going to stop after the initial 16.

It's so cool that you get to do this, mega brands seriously has it together as a toy company. Seeing them actually seeking input from their customer base is so refreshing. I wonder if it's because they're Canadian haha Tongue_out
Khel, I should take you hunting.
All you need to do now is get them to make a gothic floral Striker and you're all set. Grin
(Aug. 05, 2009  4:07 PM)Ominous Wrote: [ -> ]Khel, I should take you hunting.

LMAO "hunting"
(Aug. 05, 2009  5:02 PM)Roan Wrote: [ -> ]LMAO "hunting"

lol hopefully not hunting for cougars Pinching_eyes_2
(Aug. 05, 2009  5:21 PM)Havok Wrote: [ -> ]lol hopefully not hunting for cougars Pinching_eyes_2
Is there any other kind?

Anyways, hope you have fun! Be sure to tell us all about it.
lol i'll laugh if they have a crab and call it sir pincealot
(Aug. 05, 2009  6:35 PM)bey_masta12345 Wrote: [ -> ]lol i'll laugh if they have a crab and call it sir pincealot

(Aug. 05, 2009  6:35 PM)bey_masta12345 Wrote: [ -> ]lol i'll laugh if they have a crab and call it sir pincealot

all im concerned about is, are tey better than bey?

and hope ya had/have fun brad!
have you been yet brad?
He is still there. I'm sure he will post when he's back.
"Little boys love cougars!"
It'll be cool to hear what we can about it, hoping they'll ask you about changes to future tops (since a few matters such as materials, and shape have been brought up as problems)
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