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Full Version: A Foggy Face-Off [Hyderabad,India][14/11/12]
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Its time for another tournament we're off again in the foggy whether,
ready for battle. So we're gonna call this-
A Foggy Face-Off

Day and Date: Wednesday, 14th November 2012

Location and Time: Sanjivaiah Park, 1:30 PM

Game Format: MFB

Tournament Format: Round Robin

Prizes: No prizes for now. Any contributions Greedy will be openly accepted.

Confirmed Attendees

Spy - Host/Judge <<< Cool
Death! - Co-Host <<< Tired
Xcore Chaos
fabregasrox323 - Judge

Unconfirmed Attendees

Echoes of Hell
Legend 7

Please Read - Important

☻ First off, before you do anything else, please read the WBO Official Play rules. If you don't, you'll be losing out on the tournament day, so don't blame us.

☻ Please post in this thread and give me a ring if you want to attend.
My Contact Number: 7893333384
You can say something like "Hey Spy", so I'll instantly know you're someone who is interested in attending the tournament.

☻Entry fee is 275 rupees. WBO Passports can be bought from me at the tournament. With this you can get one year's free entry to tournaments and you can also enter the give-away-s. A passport would cost 550 rupees.

☻ Please be committed. If you say you're coming and don't show up, you'll just spoil the fun for the other participants and expose yourself to a possible warning.

☻ We don't use the money we get from the Entry fees and passports. All the money is sent to the WBO.

I would like to thank the committee for approving it quickly Joyful_2
Hey good work but i thought u said it was ur house and maybe the park's will be filled, it is children's day!
Nice!Really excited!Hope that this tournament turns out to be a success!
Death! @ Even im hoping that
Syco @ Never mind if the park is full!! It would actually be good with a crowd around!!
Hope the tournament goes good! Btw death your earlier username was better , should've thought of a better username.
this may come out as dumb, but why is it on Wednesday?
(Nov. 12, 2012  9:39 PM)*Ginga* Wrote: [ -> ]this may come out as dumb, but why is it on Wednesday?

I think because Wednesday is a holiday in the eve of Diwali.So,they wanted to have it on a Wednesday.
Dude wednesday is CHILDRENS DAY!!!! And diwali is on tuesday
(Nov. 13, 2012  6:42 AM)Blood Wrote: [ -> ]Dude wednesday is CHILDRENS DAY!!!! And diwali is on tuesday

He ment that it is a Diwali holiday also.
Well sorry guys......but I am not going to be attending this tournament.
Here are the results--

Oh, so Death! came in the end ? What happened, hah ?
(Nov. 14, 2012  4:08 PM)Spy Wrote: [ -> ]Here are the results--

You haven't told us the Combos which the Winners used.Anyways,Congratulations to the Winners.
Congrats guys...! Hope you guys enjoyed the tourney.
Well,here are the winning combinations
1st:fabregasrox323Grinuo Cancer 230 MB,Flash Orion W145 R2F
2ndConfusedpyGrinuo Cancer 230 MB,Phantom Orion BGrin(?)
3rdGrineath!:Flash Orion W145 R2F.
And one more thing, the Duo combo ROCKed the tournament!!!
On what basis is the bey rank depended????
(Nov. 16, 2012  3:38 PM)Arkosean Wrote: [ -> ]On what basis is the bey rank depended????

It depends on the number of Beypoints your opponent has at that point in time. However, the new Beypoint formula will add factors like the number of times you have fought that Blader and how big the tournament is.
After failures of complying to numerous reminders, this tournament will no longer be processed due to the negligence of the host on submitting Results and/or Fees. The host has been given an appropriate warning.