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Full Version: Death Gasher CH120 WD
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DISCLAIMER: This really depends on how hard you launch them. If you launch them both at full power, then something near my results should pop up...

Begirados Dragooon 130W2D vs Death Cancer D125WD
BD wins: 13 wins (9 KO, 3 SO, 1 OS)
Death wins: 7 wins (5 OS, 2 KO)

Death win percentage: 35%
RIP Death...
I decided to give Begirados one more chance, because when synchromed with Dragooon, it's wider by a tiny bit (For my mold), and the gaps kind of add a little "attack" to where Dragooon's wings are. I must say, I am pleased with the results. BD had a stamina problem though, so all of its wins came from the first half of the battle. After that, it was pretty much Death's wins. BD managed to force Death to scrape a couple of times, but only one was successful, thus the OS. The sway outs for BD happened through a combination of scrape and smash. Death's KO... was from BD's smash since the smash would usually send both flying (Usually Death), and Death's KOs always happened when an exit pocket was behind BD.

EDIT: I launched Death first, then BD and alternated. (MLD Beylauncher for BD, Beylauncher L/R for Death)
Well yeah, spin stealers work better when weak-launched. That's a fact, and works both ways no?
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