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Full Version: sells Draciel spinning top modified
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Hello with all, I sells a spinning top on which I made modifications so that it is more powerful.

For the details; come to see my site, in the part “modifs”.

Will know that the spinning top is in very good state of walk and the modification is very solid.

I sell it 20 USD with the launcher and two discs of plastic
Those modifications are illegal btw
Well what the hell. You just made one of the best parts in the game illegal, well done Grin

EDIT: Damn, Aqua
You've completely ruined a brilliant part.. You've done it well, but you've still ruined it.
I know that one is not entitled to these spinning tops during the tournaments but good one is not obliged to do them with…
I regards this piece as collection
Closing this for now because I'm pretty sure selling illegal blades is kinda, well, bad. If you were selling normal blades too then that might be any case, this can be reopened if necessary.