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Full Version: Plastic combos plz rate :]
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these are a few combos i used

Trygle AR
10 Balence WD
Right SG
Metal Draciel/Master Dranzer Base

Flash Leapod II AR
8 Balence WD
First Relase Left spin EG GR
Dragoon G base

Draciel S AR
10 Wide
Dranzer S SG
Dranzer S Base
These combos aren't very good...
yeah they seemed to work well but meh must have just not been facing decent blades
(Aug. 02, 2009  2:44 PM)Aqua Wrote: [ -> ]These combos aren't very good...

This. There's just no synergy between any of your parts =/
There's a thread for this you know.
Yeah i know i was younger when i made these pretty much just slaped bits together won quite a few battles with them but yeah must just have been who and what i was facing or getting lucky