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Full Version: Halo Wars Giveaway
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Hey Everyone,

As you've all become a daily part of my work routine Smile, I thought I'd give you a heads up about a contest we're running for our Halo Wars construction sets.

If any of you are fans of the Halo franchise, we're hosting a giveaway for exclusive Halo Wars figurines on our site:

I know, totally un-related to Battle Strikers or Beyblades, but I thought it might interest some of you Smile

Mega Bloks Minifigs + Spartans/Master Chief = Win.

I'm sold. Tongue_out

Ninjaedit: The website is overloaded with hungry kids. I could not even sign up lol
haha tried to sign up but it appears to be unavailable atm.
Yeah, sorry, just been informed that due to high traffic, our servers have been acting up.. figures.

I'll post when it's back up and running, sorry bout that!
No love for Turkey? Crying GRRR..
I was close,though.
Was going to sign up for this, but I don't even like Halo so I'd feel bad taking it away from someone that really wanted it!
Signed up for it and paid; getting it in a few weeks XD
I'm sure most of you figured it out by now, but the site is back up and running smoothly Smile
Got 1x Spartan.
(p.s: Thanks James! Smile )