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Full Version: Metal Fight Beyblade Zero G 30 Links & Discussion
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30. Decided! The Best Eight
Kettei! Besuto Eito
Air-Date: 2012-10-28


Could it be the final bladers for the Neo Battle Bladers Tournament already?
I'm thinking that this is just a filler or something... and then the final tournament in the next few episodes~

Preview From Tokyo TV

It's on the trailer website atm~, not sure about anime category

New link:
So Zero beats Spike with almost no effort.

Just before Zero is about to launch Ifraid in his match against Genjuuro, Sakyo interrupts him and says he wants to fight Genjuuro himself. He beats him very easily.

Begirados easily mishandles Orojya. Goreim even beats Akuya. Eight loses.

Kikura Gen gets defeated by all the players who had already lost once, I think.

Kite, Shinobu, Sakyo, Zero, Kira, Iwayama, Takanosuke and "Captain 'Arrow'" are the best eight.

Could "Captain Arrow" own Wyvang or Balro ... ?
Kite wins, Akuya looks like he's losing. Same for Eight

Zero wins against Spike, but Genjuro comes and takes his place. Sakyo battles instead though, and Genjuro isn't prepared and uses his special move. And as expected, Sakyo wins.

Akuya and Eight both lose, so that sucks~ Also surprised Shinobu hasn't even met some impressive challenger yet

Kite, Shinobu, Sakyo, Zero, Kira, Iwayama, Takanosuke, and some random dude (who should be another DNA blader...) made it to the final 8

EDIT: Beaten to it...
I did hear correctly : his name is Captain "Arrow", or something pronounced like 'aro'. Unlikely 'allo'.

Here is his picture though ...
I did not take this screenshot yet.

I plead to TV Tokyo not to go in Bakugan's, and therefore BeyWheelz's way however ... That character design is going absolutely in that wrong direction though, ugh.
It was extremely anti-climactic. Why Ren even thought she had the slightest chance of getting to the finals is beyond me...
Episode added.
(Oct. 28, 2012  2:29 AM)~Mana~ Wrote: [ -> ]It was extremely anti-climactic. Why Ren even thought she had the slightest chance of getting to the finals is beyond me...

Well have you ever seen Ren beat anyone before besides stupid ameteurs?
That's why I was asking why she thought she had a chance.
Darn, akuya didn't win?
That's a shame, he is an awesome character even if not many think so but he never has beaten anyone(obv zero isn't likely to lose).
Anyways thanks for the updates DranzerX13.